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In Dutch we have an expression regarding a bean. If someone appears always doing and saying the right things, we call a person like that a ‘heilig boontje’, literally it means ‘holy bean’. I believe the phrase in English is that someone is a Saint.

At some days I’m more sensitive to all that’s wrong on this planet, in my opinion. Those days I would like to take my two dogs, pick up my husband at work and drive and sail straight forward to an uninhabited island. (Since we start living at our closed farm, the urge is a little less at those days, because now I can just close the big wooden gates, the front door and shut down my phones)

Especially all kind of actions of my fellow human beings disturb me at days like that. But! I’m not a Saint (a holy bean 😉  )  I also can be pretty hypocritical, sometimes even gossip and the white lie (is that a familiar phrase in English? A with good intentions lie?) I use sometimes for the sake of peace.

I’m already a whimsical person and regularly easily bored, therefore I have my unpleasant moments, as I call them, and it’s no fun to be around me during moments like that 😉

Fortunately I have a very patient hubby, who endures my pleas regarding injustice, inhumane practices, only to point out that there are two sides to a medal, the soup is not eaten as hot as it’s served, there is always a solution, etc. (hmm, again expressions I don’t know the similar English versions, I hope you get the point)

Also a dear girlfriend can remind me to keep enjoying what I’ve got and achieved so far. Or I read hopeful news articles like ‘wild animals no longer allowed at a circus in the Netherlands’.

Last but not least: the awareness if we all would be Saints, holy beans, life would be very boring 😉

For my Dutch reading followers, click here for the original version. Sinds we in onze vierkanthof wonen, heb ik die drang minder. Gooi gewoon de poorten en deuren dicht en zet de telefoons uit
N.B. I’m a in Dutch thinking soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect.

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