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Enjoy life and follow new paths

Accepting the challenge of Sarah reminded me of the paths I follow. Always curious, eager to learn more, at the same time cherishing the life, the Dreampack, I have created for myself. With the guidance of dear ones, their love and support, I started to feel more confident about, well, about me as a unique creature.

Still juggling to find the answers to: “what is a good balance between modern society (with all its modern knowledge, techniques, possibilities) and the natural needs of myself as a unique human being, as a woman, as a wife, as a devoted friend of dogs, an animal therapist?”

I’ve learned to enjoy your life and what you have achieved so far is so important. Be content with the small wonders life has to offer. For example watching how seeds germinate into vegetables. 

My decision to ‘go English’ not only brought me new friends, but also new paths to follow. Being invited to join the Strix, working together with lovely souls, is a beautiful adventure so far.
This week I received an invitation to join another group of writers at My Trending Stories. I aim to post my first contribution later today, curious as to where this path will lead me.

Life, however, isn’t just about me. It’s also about taking care of the world, of nature in its entirety. After all, we are all part of nature and we have to coexist. Little steps towards acknowledgment; each one of us is unique, matters.
In spirit of that thought, last May I received an award and I still need to nominate other bloggers. Unfortunately, I can’t read and follow all the pieces of art, but I came across the following writers who deserve, in my modest opinion, the same award: Bloggers Recognition Award

emotionsoflife2016 ,

Although I should nominate 7 more beautiful souls…it was already hard enough to select these three. There are so many pieces of art to find in this blogging-world. So forgive me for not following the rules, again.

Acknowledge each other, listen to another, coexist.
Enjoy life, dare to follow new paths.


Inspire each other...

17 Responses

  1. Feeling humble and honoured. Thank you so much for thinking of me <3 What a lovely post again. I love the way you think, about life, about beeing and about the coexistence of us all. Thank you again. Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  2. Congratulations to you Patty! Nice for you to receive another invitation for a writing blog. Keep on writing! Have great weekend.
    Floor and Renzo xxx.

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