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Inner Child

Several months ago I came across the blog of Dr. Gulara Vincent, who, since we started to interact, became very special to me. The open raw way of writing of this beautiful soul encouraged me to open up myself again. She reminded me of the importance of your Inner Child. Gulara and I share the conviction you need to take care of your Inner Child.
Around the same time, I found Dr. Gulara, Cezane found me. We started to communicate and very soon we recognized similarities in our upbringing and discovered we share various similar principles of what life should be about. Although he’s 20 years younger, we never met in real life, he became unexpectedly important to me. He gracefully, without a doubt, accepted my request to let me take him back to his childhood and together we walked back to the present.

“Everything happens for a reason”.

This post is for Gulara, Mimi, Papa T, my husband and for my Inner Child for reminding me: it’s ok to be me. It’s for Cezane, at a crossroad, to let him know: it’s ok to be you.
Last but not least, this post is for all of you dear readers who need to hear: it’s going to be ok.


There are moments throughout life you feel misunderstood, unworthy, second guessing yourself constantly. Maybe you wanted to be a soccer player, a ballerina, a pilot, a psychologist. You did your best at school, pleasing your parents in an attempt to be acknowledged for who you are. Overwhelmed at times by the burden of adult problems laid upon your shoulders, being told you have to take responsibility for your family, be loyal and loves always seems to be accompanied by conditions.

As soon as you started to create opinions of your own, composing your own principles, fighting for the right to express, trying to become who you need to be, family and friends succeeded in convincing you your new found paths were the wrong paths to take. They may even twist the truth for their own needs.
Life can be harsh and people who claim they love you can make you feel confused, desperate to a point you just want to disappear. So you start building walls, distanced yourself from the world you live in and even forgot about your Inner Child.

It is tempting to forever hold a grudge and blame the persons who’ve hurt you, who deprived your innocence physically or mentally. It’s human nature to seek for someone to blame, instinctively trying to protect yourself. Even if you have every right to blame your caretakers, parents or anyone else who have put you through emotional and/or physical pain, there comes a time you have to let go.

No doubt, it will be easier to do, if you find the love of your life, or anyone else who acknowledge your capabilities, your abilities and will have your back at whatever path you choose to walk.

However, to me, Inner Child resembles your true self, your core.
Who better than you, knows who you truly are?

Dare to care for your Inner Child, grieve for and comfort him/her, slowly or fast break free. Unchain yourself from the shackles of your past, step out the cage you threw yourself into, break down the walls.

Your Inner Child is depending on you.
You are worthy.

Inspire each other...

20 Responses

  1. A very beautiful and inspiring article, Patty! Thank you soooo much for sharing this with us! I couldn´t agree more with you on every term! Have a lovely evening xoxo 🙂

  2. I read this post not once or twice, four times by now, the message is so pure and so beautiful.
    There is not a thing you missed out sister on this subject, so inspiring and i really do not have much to say but lots to feel within my heart, a strong brotherly love in abudance for you! Big Hug to You Patty for pulling this piece out. Has got to be by far my favorite post around the Blogosphere off late. – Cezane

    1. Keep inspiring yourself Cezane and live! dear brother. You know you have two girls right there with you on the new path ahead. XxX

  3. Patty, this post touched my heart so deeply and profoundly that I was moved to tears. Thank you so much for spreading light in this world, your love and wisdom. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. I feel so blessed and grateful that our paths crossed. With so much

  4. We occupy an interesting space. The more we become whole, the more balanced we are in many traits, the feminine and the masculine hang out less at the ends of the spectrum and our inner child and inner adult become partners instead of sporadically going from one to the other depending on our circumstances.

    1. That’s the goal, isn’t it 😉
      Somehow, balance seems key to everything in life…
      Thanks for your comment, dear neighbor at this planet, XxX

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