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Guestblog: My Dreampack by Marije

As I get older, I realize more and more that the natural needs of dogs actually don’t differ much from our natural needs. As well as dogs we feel better as part of a committed family; no matter the family relation, or how big your family is. Healthy food and drinks are just as important to our health. A roof over our head, enough exercise, structure, clear guidelines …

A Dreampack doesn’t have to include dogs. A person living on his own can also live and create a Dreampack. I strongly believe all living creatures on this globe deserve a Dreampack.
Since we are all unique, our Dreampacks will also be unique. I’ve asked a few writers to share their thoughts regarding what (a) Dreampack means to them.

Enjoy this guest-blog of the beautiful soul Marije from Mooi Leven by Hans de Gans

My Dreampack…

45 years old now…. And I am still learning. Having worked like crazy in the past 20 years, I recently had to decide to stop working en to listen to my body. To listen to my life, what was calling me.

I love to live, I love life. And I needed to have it back, as it was slipping away with time, with energy, while it took away my health…

Patty asked me to write something about my Dreampack. And, when I started thinking, I found out it was so much bigger than I expected.

My Dreampack is about…

My little family, my husband and my little son, who was born in 2010. The Three Musketeers we are. Together we are so strong! My pregnancy and my sons birth were heavy, I almost died. And I realized what was really important in life. It was what I always cherished in the years before, but I wasn’t given the time to pay enough attention to it while I was forced picking up working, running, surviving the occasion which I, by childish mistake and by external pressure, provisional took for ‘life’. I thought it was normal that no one ever respected my personal boundaries. But however, my family helped me to turn the wheel of my life and to respect my own feelings. We, the three of us, are really a loving and happy team.

My cats. Qwerty, Vera and Chikie. Lovely trio. Golden Oldie Qwerty is my lovely and very special old friend who always understands my laugh, my tears, me being silent. I adore my lovely cats. During my whole life, I was surrounded by those fluffy, lovely creatures, making me laugh when I was in tears, making me happy and making me see the unconditional love in their eyes. They never stopped to make me see and feel what really is important in life.

Nature. Bees, trees, flowers, everything outside. I love nature, real nature. I love looking around and see birds flying. I love to hear the sound of an owl. I love to feel the wind kissing my cheek. I love the rain washing away my sadness. I love the sun caress my hair. I love looking at the stars, looking at other planets and realizing that what we think of life, in the busy, and sometimes overwhelming 21st century, is all so relative…

I enjoy modern technics. Working in a very, very scientific and technical environment I love all things which are developed recently to make life easier. But, in the meantime, it sometimes is so important to step away from some of these parts and return to the basis of life, as you may never miss your feet on earth, your hands in the mud, your body between the trees, in nature, in reality. Never let virtual reality or modern communication take away your own reality, no matter how beautiful and precious it may look. Never miss a real touch of a hand, a real voice, the smell and moves of someone close to you.

Love. What can we do without love. Many people I have met use to say ‘health’ is most important in life. I dare to say ‘no’. As, when you are not healthy, love always remains. Your health will leave you. Some others, who do not really love you, might leave you as well. In life, this is inevitable. But real love will never leave you. Love passes death. Love always, always remains and will remain in your heart. Being chronically ill, I still love life, I still love my beloved ones and I still overcome all disorders of my illness with love. I would love to be healthier, but without love, my health would disappear as well. I love to love and I love being loved.

Music. Real music. Not the ceaseless beat on a radio which never seems to stop, pouring out a mix of several songs hour after hour, which keeps on booming in your head for a long time after the radio stopped playing. I am talking about real music, which I listen to while stopping doing whatever I am doing. Defined. Listened to with care. With attention.
I once wrote a blog in which I referred to Gregorian music of monks. I love this simple, meditative way of singing. It is so clear, so bright, so pure. Just voices. It brings me back to my heart. Singing is such a great way of dealing with your emotions. I love to sing. The strange thing is, not specifically those old pieces of music, but, on the contrary, jazzy lyrics, or even songs which are much heavier, like rock, or even all those songs on the radio I just mentioned J Singing gives me energy, rhythm and balance. Sitting behind the grand piano my father restored, I can play and sing in an almost meditative way. Music brings your soul alive. It gives you something supplemental in life. And music is always to be found in nature. The wind in the trees, the sound of running water, a whistle around a corner in the mountains. Music is everywhere. It is part of life.

Silence…. After me mentioning music, this must be rather strange to read…. But I love the variety of silence and sound. Well timed music is so precious when you really can appreciate silence as well. We certainly do not have enough silence in todays world. We have radio’s, tv’s, cars, parties, industrial sounds, beeps, planes, noise everywhere around us. It really is hard to escape. But real silence gives you answers from your soul. In my opinion, the world would be more peaceful with more silence in it.

With my newborn inner silence, my newborn life, my new found true reality, I hope to find the full and the real version of myself in the coming years. In my blog I hope to encourage more people to take a better look at life. At themselves, at love. With less pressure, with more respect. With less care for money, with more care for nature. With real love.

Thank you Patty, for giving me the opportunity of explaining my Dreampack.
With love,
Marije ©

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