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Update Aug – Nov (part 1)

O my, almost Christmas and the last update of my own Dreampack I posted in August, regarding the month of July. I was making a selection of the pictures I took, prepared them for release and discovered I forgot to change the watermark at Adobe Photoshop. Oops! Well, you just have to trust me the photographs are of Aug-Nov.
We did a lot the last few months: join me in my digital trip back to August until December 🙂

We started August with our annual three-weeks-vacation and most of the time the weather was fantastic. The first Sunday I went with my Mimi to a big garden-event; the tickets I got for my birthday (June) from my hubby 🙂 We had a lot of fun, saw beautiful plants and garden accessories and came home with some herbs, plants and other nice stuff.
On Monday I went with our Joy to Belgium for a workshop at the Roedel Method and to my surprise it was given by Mr. Arjen Koeman himself. Since I booked a one-to-one workshop and we clicked right from the start, I received a lot of new interesting information about dogs, the way they communicate and about our Joy. Especially the way she interacts with me was very useful information. It was worth the 2 hour drive (twice) through mountains and stepping out of my comfort-zone 🙂

Because of the huge problem with moist, we still had tubes and drying machines in our kitchen and dining-room. I can tell you, with 30 degrees Celsius outside this is not funny. The machines also made a lot of noise, so my husband made a construction to block that a bit. It took almost 5 weeks to get the walls and underneath the floor dry. We had to wait a few weeks before a company hang wallpaper and painted the dining-room and I am still waiting for a company to show up, to repair the broken tiles. Something to do with insurance issues, not wanting to take the risk, don’t have the right tools, we are not allowed to fix it ourselves, the repairer got sick.  (update: December 19 it should be happening, right in time for Christmas 🙂

The end result I will publish this month. Meanwhile we had planned to rebuild the kitchen and replace the existing kitchen with the one we bought two years earlier for our previous house and took with us to our new crib.
Working in temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, that doesn’t go as fast as we normally work, we had to repair one of our cars (I will come back to that) and I had at Wednesday in our first vacation-week an appointment with a dear friend, which also was a long overdue visit. That was by the way a very cosy day, we talked and talked for hours and I already look forward to her visit back next year. Of course I had to hug my friends dogs too: another 2 hour drive (twice) worthwhile 😉

Back to the kitchen: with the help of my brother-in-law (thank you so much again) my husband managed to finish the pantry and half of the kitchen. I can cook again, without having to wait almost 30 minutes to get a pan of water boiled and I just love, LOVE our new counter-top.

In between my husband also worked at one of our cars, because it was almost time for the required general car inspection. The bad luck he had, I could write a separate post about it, but I won’t. Breaking off materials unexpectedly, delays in delivery of new materials, in the end even have to replace the motor-block: it became a nightmare. Especially for my husband who only has two hands, had to go back to work in September again, his brother got unfortunately sick and then had to go back working too (again, that happens dear brother…It’s ok! ), the delay with the kitchen due to the delay of companies showing up…
Finally in October, or was it already November, my hubby brought the car to the TUV and the car passed with flying colors. Needless to say, I am SO PROUD of my soulmate.

Are you still with me? Well, it’s becoming a big post, so I better continue in a new one 😉

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