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Update Aug – Nov (part 2)

So, time to finish my update about my own Dreampack. Were was I….I told you about the workshop I did with our Joy, the moist in our dining-room and kitchen, the start of the rebuild of our kitchen and update in the pantry and about how my husband repaired one of our cars.(part 1)
Besides visiting a friend during our annual three-weeks-vacation, having a lovely day at a big garden event with my Mimi, my aunt visited us for a long weekend and she helped out in our garden. An update with regards to our garden and self grown vegetables I will give in another post 😉

“Picture-time” again!

Not only my hubby keeps himself occupied with various chores around our courtyard, I’m a busy woman too:

I believe it’s always nice to decorate your Dreampack every now and then and usual I use the seasons as a topic. For autumn I created a garland (is that the correct English word?), which I hang up next to our little wooden gate were we enter our courtyard and house:

Our animal friends did of course also enjoyed themselves over the last few months…

When even your oldest dog-friend is naughty, time to go for a walk 😉 Fortunately we had beautiful days in October too and I love the colors nature provides during this season:

In October my mimi became…well, it was her birthday and I took her to Zeeland (Southern Provence in the Netherlands), were we had a tasteful lunch and walked at the beach along the sea. That was a day to never forget and a trip definitely worthwhile to repeat next year 🙂

My husband rebuild the cage in our ‘dog-car’, the same car he repaired during our vacation, so we could go out again with our dogs. Near to us the kart track owned by Michael Schumacher (Formula 1) is located and also an outdoor kart track of him is nearby. At the outdoor track they have practices and races throughout the year; it’s at walking distance, but to far away for our oldest dog. So one Sunday in October, or was it already November?, we drove over there and walked around the track and watched part of a race. That was fun !

In October our Joy got sterilized, normally as an animal therapist I only recommend this for medical reasons. However, if you have both male as female dogs in your Dreampack, to have either one of them operated can prevent a lot of frustrations…for all members of your Dreampack 😉 Our Jourdy got his testicles removed last year due to cancer, so it wasn’t necessary to have Joy operated, but with a few male dogs as neighbors…we decided to go for it after all. All went well and Joy is her happy self again 🙂

October and November had some cold days, we fired up the fireplace for the first time in October. In November my mimi and I started to swim for an hour on Sunday-morning, every two weeks, and my father makes sure we have to go back…Cooking up delicious brunches, waiting as we return from the swimming-pool 🙂

I hope you enjoyed looking back with me, it was fun to create these updates again. At the same time glad I got you up-to-date, so I can start writing main articles again 🙂
This December we have, like every year two weeks vacation together and I can’t hardly wait! We will finish our kitchen, enjoy time during Christmas with family and I hopefully have more time to catch up on reading, writing, listening to music and…Talking about music! In January, together with one of my dads, I will start a new project! It’s about music, but more…(yes, I hate those cliffhangers too 😛 ) I will reveal another time.
Our dogs can’t wait to for the vacation too: it means there pack-leader is home more often and no more waiting in the evening for him to come home..well, for two weeks that is 😉

Hugs to you all, my neighbors at our big Dreampack,

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