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The Strix ~ Winter Solstice

December, January, February. In the Netherlands, winter arrives and stay for at least these three months. Maybe you dreaded this season, like I did. The temperature falls, the days get shorter, the nights longer and the sun seems to disappear, as if she wants to hide for this dark period, just like most of us wants to do.

I learned about Winter Solstice, a few years ago: each year manifesting around December 21. Here in the Northern Atmosphere, the days will lengthen again and although nature is mostly still asleep…the sun and moon will bring new light, new energy….
Nature, Mother Earth, showing us how to live: it is ok to slow down a bit during winter-time, recharge, take in the new light, absorb that new energy.

My dear art-family and two of our dear guest-art-friends did a marvelous job on a topic which became and is very important to me. This will be the last compilation of 2016, some of us will celebrate Christmas, we all say goodbye to the old year, welcome the new.
The Strix plus friends will also sleep for a while.
Recharge, taking in the new light, absorbing new energy.

So, set a fire, light candles, celebrate: feel the strengthening energy of Winter Solstice.
Enjoy winter, enjoy the pieces of art below:

Thank you for reading and the continuous support!

~ On behalf of the Strix,




when you reach year’s darkest point

that moment you may succumb

when you have set up home in blackness

where hibernation has taken heart hostage

just when you accept it

just when you are done

just when faith is lost

while you ponder all your losses

or fumble to make it out

lighting candles no more suffices

and frigidness takes hold of soul


for that zenith

the day of dark’s creeping retreat

the edging of the sun begins

to overtake its icy grip

keep your eyes on horizon

as nothing lasts forever

the universe always grows

and ever earth will turn, so

shift your gaze to heaven

there the fire will ever burn

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm


The sun stood still!

A faint Christmas carol heard,

Laughter itself giggled through the air,

Darkness waiting in the monsters’ lair

The cherry lights were put up,

The snow was many feet deep,

A girl waited for the longest night, to weep.

Somewhere far, it was bright,

The sun shone right over head,

A man out there begged for some bread.

They jumped into pools and rivers,

They filled the longest day with the sand and sea,

And Walking toward the horizon, he set himself free!

~ Kashaf S.




“Winter Solstice”
~ Sarah



Winter Solstice; Let The Celebration Begin

A specific point in time;

The shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere,

The longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere,

Because equinoxes and solstices are opposite on opposite sides of the planet, so there is no crime.

It happens around the twentieth first of December,

Not September or November, so remember.

The second solstice of the year,

The date varies; alternative gears?

The sun stands still,

But is it at WILL?

Also called as “the day the sun turns around,”

The day it wears his crown.

The earth isn’t far from the sun,

But it is the first day of astronomical winter,

The one and only: the ONE.

For the North and South

An invisible splinter.

Earliest sunset not on the solstice,

But daylight hours increase faster in the North.

Are you ready to celebrate the winter solstice?

Come on!!! There are only two solstices in the year on earth,

Let us celebrate, together,

a new birth.

~ Manuel O.



Expressions Crossing Continents
Expressions Crossing Continents



Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn

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