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The last day of 2016 and yes, it was a chaotic year. New Year Resolutions I don’t do,  why wait for tomorrow 😉 So, I will continue to add Beautiful Souls to my page for that, continue to share posts and art from fellow bloggers, continue to write articles for Dreampack, about Natural Living in and with the 21st Century, continue creating together with The Strix pieces of art to enjoy and sometimes provoke you.

Don’t I have new plans for next year? Yes, I do!

With my friend Manuel I hope to write more combined poems in 2017, we are almost finished with our fourth piece. I am going to add a page Music for the Soul to my site: by the time you read this, I am working on that page and very soon I will tell you more about this 😉

This year was, again, a year full of lessons, and opportunities to grow.  Just yesterday, 2016 provided me another lesson, to take with me into 2017. As always with the help of another Beautiful Soul (thanks again Katherin), I decided to open up my heart for a loved one. Someone I disconnected with several years ago, very very ill at the moment and if she wants to,  she now has the possibility to reach out to me. I had my reasons at the time and they are still valid, but hey…If I want to connect with Beautiful Souls, at least I should try to be one myself….

2016, a year a lot of senseless violence happened again. I am still very sad for all the innocent losses, but at the same time I have a feeling, it was all somehow necessary to wake up us humans, to remind us of what we do NOT want. Here in the world of bloggers I see an increase of so many Beautiful Souls reaching out to each other, to you dear readers, to let all our neighbors at this globe know: Peace is possible, hope is alive and love will always survive.

So in-spite of all the sad things which happened during last year, I will travel motivated into the new year. I am looking forward to connect with more Beautiful Souls in 2017. I hopped over to several bloggers in person, but unfortunately can’t visit you all. So:

Wishing all my neighbors at this globe a great New Year’s Eve, a safe trip into 2017 and all the best for the new year!

Leaving with you with this beautiful quote:


Inspire each other...

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