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In Your Shoes – Manuel

One of my dear friends, Manuel of EmotionsofLive2016,  is starting a new project – In Your Shoes – and I already look forward to read stories of you told via his marvelous poetry!
He already wrote one for me (will be published soon) and I tell you: I am going to frame it and hang it on our wall 🙂


I have noticed that we all have a story to tell. At times I feel so connected to others and some other times I just can seem to understand humanity. We all have traumas or been abused in one way or another by the world or by the once we loved. I would like to start a series call IN YOUR SHOES, where I would like to write a poem, feeling your pain, but for that I need to hear to your story. If anyone would like to email me and tell me your story, I will try to feel your pain and write a poem in your shoes. If you prefer to stay anonymous, that would be great as well, if not then I can leave a link to your blog.

Tell me your story, we can all learn from each other. Thank you so much and stay amazing. (I want to do this project to feel more connected with humanity, to you all)



This is Manuel’s blog:

To put in your request, contact him via this email: 11manuel11osornio11  @ (without the spaces, which I added to avoid spam)

Inspire each other...

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