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Sowing season – step two

Step one you can read: HERE
After two to three weeks your seeds should have germinated and thus grown into little plants. Some of them need to be transferred into little jars, so they can grow stronger.

I use small plastic cups, because they can be used more than once and it is easy to create a small hole into the bottom of the cup with a nail. You can use a spoon, a little shovel, or whatever seems handy to fill the cups with potting soil. The young plants are fragile, therefore I pour water into the filled-up cups first. With a wooden skewer or the back of the little shovel I make a hole into the soil and with caution! I insert the small seedlings.

Don’t forget to write down, which cup you filled-up with what!
I use little labels, or write down the name of the vegetable at the cup itself. Water every now and then: The soil should be kept moist, but not too wet. Place the cups indoors, before a window.

The young plants need water and light to grow, but shelter them against direct sunlight; they could burn. And now follow over the next couple of weeks the growing process again 😉

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