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Review Eternals Series (part 1 and 2) by Richard M. Ankers

During my two-weeks-no-reading-at-other-blogs in an attempt to catch up with a study I’m following, renew my main website and attend to other important stuff, I also did read other material. I managed to finish a book I already started to read and the second book, well, I just had to read too. Both books are written by Richard M. Ankers and are part of a trilogy:

The Eternals, they are a breed apart. Born to immortality, neither human nor vampire, a dying sun is to end their race where no other could. It is to this ultimatum that Jean, the last Eternal lord, is born. Jean accepts the end once preached by his deceased parents, where others won’t, their arrogance furthering his melancholy. He would fight for the future where they, the Hierarchy, would waltz into nothingness. 

But everything changes for Jean when he commits the cardinal sin: his bite takes the life of Princess Chantelle of The New Europa Alliance, whose sister will come to enthrall him. It is a deed Jean thinks has passed unnoticed; it has not. When the Britannian dandy, Sir Walter Merryweather, informs him of this, Jean runs. Aided and abetted by the irksome Merryweather, Jean stumbles from manipulated mishap into age-old conspiracies and beyond. 

With the sun’s clock ticking, Jean must find time where there is none to reconcile his sordid past with the promise of new love.

Here you can find more info about the books: CLICK

I wrote for each book a short review at Amazon – Kindle Unlimited:

The Eternals:

Hunter Hunted:

I forgot to mention, that even if you are not into this genre, you will be pleasantly surprised how quick you forget that you weren’t. Note to self, to add that to my review of the third and final book of this series.

Eager to read the latter, unable to find it, but Richard also has a websiteso I asked the author himself 🙂

His publisher hasn’t released it yet !!! Not that happy about this news personally, however, this means you all can hop over and purchase the first two books yourself. If all goes as planned, you just have enough time (and don’t have to impatiently wait for it like me) to read those and then get the third part at the end of this month.

Mr. Richard M. Ankers; I did and do already love your pieces of art at your website, love our regular communications and needless to add, but just for the record:

You’ve got another huge fan 😉

Inspire each other...

10 Responses

    1. 🙂 No need…Although, I expect an invitation to your ‘red carpet party’ as soon as the first movie is released 😛

  1. My response to your reply won’t send so I’ll add it here. Done as regards the premier. And I’ve also copied your Amazon Reviews for my publisher. I’m extremely grateful.

    1. Sorry for that…I noticed I need to do some more technical adjustments.
      Fantastic! I will start looking for a fabulous dress to ware, ’cause that might happen sooner then you expect.
      Good! I hope they increase your percentage AND speed up the release process.

  2. Patty, you are always the best at sharing wonderfulness 🙂

    taking a break is a good thing – am thinking of how when I return from a vacation, I am better able to take stock of how I want to tweek different things in my life …

    1. Hi dear Daal! Thank you for your kind reply.
      And that after a break ‘thing’ is a familiar dilemma 😉

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