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Emotionsoflife & Mimosa Pudica: Conversation at a distance: Reflection

Together with my dear friend Manuel created this piece in which we share another conversation with you, dear reader. Again an example of how important connecting, reaching out, can be. Thank you Manuel for writing together with me this inspiring poem.



Is it time to go yet?
What kinds of questions do I ask!!!
Why continue playing the same old cassette?
I guess there is no other task?!!!

I do not know anymore,
I do not know the WHY of this personal war.

Why do you keep running from your truth?
Refuse to be kind to your inner self?
Prohibit the growth of your root?
Put away your dreams on a shelf?

You have your answers right there
To create your future, away from despair

Perhaps you are right,
Perhaps I refuse to see what I already know,
Perhaps it is not about the fight
As much as it is about the reflection, even if it’s slow.
The more I feel like I know,
The closer I feel to the unknown.

I believe you know, it IS about the fight
To fall and rise, to find balance,
To feel confident, day and night
Is it really your voice or those of the past,
Telling you again, you’re unworthy and won’t last?
Listen carefully, non-judgmental, it’s not a test.

Could be the voices of the past
Or the voices of tomorrow exercising their craft;
Either way, my head is on fire,
And my soul is hanging by a wire.

Life knows, I will not go without a fight,
I am holding HOPE, I am holding it tight.

Fear for the Unknown can be scary
When the Trust in yourself is so airy
And your head feels continuously on fire
By those questions you want to inquire

Momentarily Hope may seem all you’ve to hold on to
Than let Hope be your inspiration to find the true you



EmotionsofLife & Mimosa Pudica

Inspire each other...

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