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Although I had decided to only just once a week share another Beautiful Post, sometime you read something and you just have to share it immediately. Thanks Robert for bringing it to your readers attention, so I for one could read it, and thank your Truly for the marvelous post.

Hello, Amazers,

I just read a really flattering comment from someone whose artistry and heart I admire so much…and it inspired me to share this with you.

I’m guessing many of you have heard the expression/philosophy that advises that we need to help ourselves before we help others…

A literal and metaphorical example is the airplane emergency…

The instruction given is that–in event of emergency–you’re to give yourself oxygen first; for, it’s shortsighted–thus much less effective–to see to another’s needs at the expense of your own.

Put simply….the best way to help is to make sure you’re alive” to do so.

I say this to share that my complex,



deeply-layered writings

are my “oxygen”… READ MORE

Inspire each other...

5 Responses

  1. Oh, my gosh, I cannot thank you enough for this humbling and unexpected honor….what a generous spirit you have! I am so touched that you were moved–not only to share my words–but to do so before your usual schedule. Over the past couple days, I’ve been reminding myself to get emotionally prepared for the day when–out of the blue–I will gain a wider audience. And, then you make that prediction come true! Thank you from the bottom of my heart…your kindness serves as further proof that I am heard, that I am helping…that what I offer is of value. My prayer is that we each receive that kind of validation; and a platform that results in sharing on a larger scale than our own little piece of the world. Here’s to each of us having the opportunity to, exponentially, encourage others to be their best, and give their best. You are a light…a game-changer…and, I am so grateful we have connected. 🙂

    1. How could I not? Acknowledgement is so important. And trying to be a Beautiful Souls myself is only possible with Beautiful Souls like yourself connected 😉 So, you are very welcome! XxX

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