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Autumn in and around My Dreampack

Recently, I decided not to complain about the weather anymore. At least try not to 😉 Over here in Germany it is getting colder, stays longer dark again in the morning and get’s dark earlier again. The end of autumn and winter are not my favorite seasons, but complaining about the rain, cold, decreasing sunshine won’t change it from happening. Right?

Embracing Autumn and Winter completely, I think I will never be able to do. I am just too much a woman of the Sun. Test-result of the level Vitamin D in my body confirmed this; momentarily beneath the level it should be for a woman of my age. Special supplements are on their way by mail and hopefully, they will help increase my energy level soon again. Fortunately, I am not tired all the time and this is what I have been doing lately…among lot’s of other activities 😉

First I will start with showing you one of the ways, I prepare our harvest of tomatoes. It is just a very basic sauce, of which you can create soup or a pasta-sauce. Also possible to store it in portions in the freezer.

Still busy preparing the garden for winter, but this small part is ready 🙂


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  1. I’m with you Patty in that my body doesn’t naturally thrive in the autumn/winter months and so needs some special attention and love. Good for you for finding out what supplements might help, and perhaps working with a full spectrum light might be of benefit as well.

    Your tomato sauce looks luscious, and I can imagine all the wonderful ways you’ll be using it. I love roasting vegetables during when it gets cold – having the oven on and wafting delicious scents is definitely a bonus.

    1. Hi dear Deborah,

      As we speak, my husband is rebuilding our tanning bed/ solarium 🙂

      That’s indeed the fun part of this season, winter-dishes in the oven, or apple-cinnamon pie, candle-lights and the fire-place burning. hot chocolate, a good book…and then counting down to spring (about 5 months) 🙂 🙂 🙂

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