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Other Beautiful Posts and this weeks Inspiring Quote

Mr. Hammad Rais shared an inspiring story, in my opinion absolutely worthwhile to read:

IF you have seen her, you`ve probably passed her off as a customer standing by the roasted corn on the cob cart. But Manzoora Mai is, in fact, the vendor pushing her roasted-corn cart on Abdul Sattar Edhi Avenue, also known as Seaview, and doing good business.

Dressed in a light-coloured cotton shalwar and kameez with a chador to cover her head and protect it from the sun, Manzoora sells roasted corn on the cob from morning till evening. Then she returns home to her husband and children.

Why doesn`t the husband work? `He can`t, she says. `His hands and feet don`t function very well he`s crippled.` Further questioning reveals that he used to work as a driver with a f amily. Sixteen years ago, he was in an accident that left him injured. `What happened, stays happened,` says Manzoora. `I don`t like…” READ MORE (click)

Becca of RoamWildandFree shared some fantastic tips for Eco-friendly Christmas gifts:

“Now that Thanksgiving has passed, the holiday spirit is in full swing! This time of year is filled with love, gifts, baking, and hopefully snow. Gift lists are longer than they have ever been with expectations to buy for everyone including your second cousin’s husband’s uncle. It’s easy to get caught up with buying quantity or quality for those on our Christmas list with stocking stuffers and cheap little nicknacks made in sweatshops overseas. It’s easy to run through department stores and buy buy buy! Let me ask you a serious question – how much ends up in the trash or in a box deep in the basement?” READ MORE (click)

This weeks Inspiring Quote I found at the website of Mr. Henry Ford:



Inspire each other...

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  1. I love the quote “good actions give strength …”. Indeed, in decision-making, we optimize our gain rationally, but there is also emotional reward. One needs to experience this first to be able to remember and refer to it during following decision-making situations.

    1. I left some comments at articles at your website, Mathias. Could you please check, if they are in your spam folder. Else, I will try again 😉

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