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When souls connect, beautiful friendships could arise

Today is International Women’s Day and being a woman myself, naturally I want to address this day. All over the world a lot of activities to raise awareness to the still ongoing inequality with regards to women’s rights are happening today.

One of the most beautiful gift blogging has given me are the connections I made since I started my first blog. It inspires me on a daily base and also inspired me to make that a part of my website: When Souls Connect. At this page I have added an amazing piece of art, created by Sarah, because I highly value our connection, today I will display it here again:

Stardust (may 2015, acrylic on canvas; 20×20 cm) ©ArtExpedition ~ Sarah

Thanks to connecting with Beautiful Souls, I collaborate with both men and women all over the world and in case you missed it, an article I wrote with a lovely young woman, Nayyra from Kenya, I believe is very suitable for this day as well. Women’s rights (click and please be so kind to read it !).

We live in the year 2018 and to me it is ridiculous, even despicable, there is still so much inequality in the world. It is so sad to read articles in our century about this: ABUSIVE VIRGINITY TESTS IN INDONESIA

There are many organisations fighting for women’s rights. Support these by raising awareness for those and if you’re able to, join one or more. Find out here, which events are taking place today: Explore

I believe what everybody can do, women and men, without much effort is educating yourself; for instance by reading blogs like the one of Yuto: Human Rights Journal .

We all can help better the circumstances for women close to you. Speak up for your neighbor who is being abused by her husband, support your colleague who gets less paid for the similar job you have, let a girl be a boy if she wants to be, raise awareness via blogging… Just a few examples, but most important:


Because, what is the use of addressing inequality, if you and me, common people, don’t stand up for each other every day? Aren’t civil to our neighbors always? This is why I believe in living your life being an example of how it could and should be is something we all can do. Right?

I also still believe in this:

…Stars glow bright,
spreading dust at night,
hope and faith start to grow,
therefore I feel, I know,
when souls do connect,
love can, no…will reflect,
the beauty inside us all,
and just one step, even small,
to reach out to each other,
will help our globe recover.


Change for the better is long overdue. Let’s do better together. Start connecting, because when souls connect, beautiful friendships could arise.


Inspire each other...

10 Responses

  1. It is sad that women aren’t treated fairly around the world. But on the flip side, some men do empower women. On my blog, for International Women’s Day, I decided to thank the person that shaped me into the woman I am today!

    1. Yes, you are so right dear. Fortunately, a lot of man empower woman and vice versa 🙂 Will hop over now and read your post!
      Thanks for connecting again, XxX

  2. First I totally agree to your title of the post.
    Power of Education
    Power of Family background
    Power of Women society
    Power of Woman Earnings
    Empowering Women are those Powers
    Then Men shall understand Women are more Powerful than them
    Power that Empowers
    Empowering Hugs

    1. Doesn’t the saying go ‘behind every strong man, stands an even stronger woman’ ?
      Thanks for those special hugs! XxX

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