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Some random thoughts… ~ Mimosa Pudica

Yesterday, in my home country The Netherlands, it was the day of elections for city councils. Emigrated to Germany, living 30 minutes from the border between both countries, not allowed to vote for this anymore. People always complain about politics, politicians, all what is going wrong in their city, village and only about 55% of the citizens allowed to vote, did so. I hope those 45% who did NOT vote (unless very very very ill, or other valid, understandable reason it was impossible to do vote), will stop complaining.

No matter our background, upbringing, religion, race, gender, age, sexual preference, etc., I think most of us just want peace. Peace of mind, peace in the world. I am partly Dutch (The Netherlands), partly Indonesian, and if I understood the latest research correct, I probably have more racial differences in my DNA. We all do. This means to me, we are all more connected than we might want to be. However, it’s a fact. So, discrimination is, to me, discriminating yourself too.

Why do we seem to forget we, humans, are animals too? If the White Rhino becomes extinct, due to humans, that is just wrong.
I eat meat, because I am an animal who needs meat to survive (and no vegan can turn me around, so please save your breath), but I eat the amount I need. I feed my dog fresh meat, because she needs it. Again, the amount she needs. Both we eat, as much as possible and affordable, meat from other animals who had the chance to live a good life too.
As far as I know, Rhino’s are not killed to be eaten, no they were illegally shot for even worse: Jewelry, medication against cancer without proof it works and for the very despicable reason; fun.
If we kill another animal, it should be for a damn good reason. To me it is equally sad as a human dying, especially, if the reason is us humans not respecting other animals. So what, we have evolved further… We have the right to survive too, absolutely, but come on! It doesn’t mean we have a right to behave superior to any other living creature.

Right. Sometimes, I just don’t get things 😉

Oh, forgot! If you have something to hide, don’t go on social media.
I don’t, so I stay on Facebook.

Inspire each other...

3 Responses

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more…. Democracy is such a precious right given to us, even voting about the best way to protect our freedom and privacy…so many people take it for granted, but it should be appreciated with honour…
    And about the second part… it makes me cry every day. I am not able to watch the inattentiveness we humans have regarding our precious earth any more…
    Big hugs to you xxx

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