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Looking forward to the new season

Over here, father winter sometimes still teases us every now and then, but fortunately mother nature sticks to her plan and a new season has started. More days with sunshine always re-energizes me, a good time to bring some new energy into my Dreampack. Also, here at the website, I am adjusting some sections a bit.

Create a Dreampack and thrive:

I love to collaborate*, but sometimes strategies to realize a vision do not match. Or the vision itself does not completely overlap. These kinds of processes are always lessons to learn; it helps me to get my own goals clearer.

On my website you will find pages with my thoughts on how to create a Dreampack and how I think, we can all – no matter our beliefs and circumstances – contribute to the world, our big Dreampack. We are unique individuals and a dear friend, Gary, wrote a perfect sentence:

“Humanity needs to avoid uniformity of thought and culture, the goal being unity in diversity.”

Create your own Dreampack, treat your neighbors with the respect you would like to get. Maybe your truth isn’t my truth and vice versa, but we can all learn from each other and implement in our personal Dreampacks the wisdom of others and by living as an example, in addition, even inspire others.

By sharing fragments from my own Dreampack and thus lifestyle, it hopefully contributes to obtaining your personal vision with regard to how you would like to create your Dreampack.

Acknowledge all Beautiful Souls out there:

At this little space on Internet (our virtual Dreampack), I share the blogs and websites of Beautiful Souls I come across in the blogging-world. After I finished updating the introductions of the friends I made before 2018, I intend to start creating reviews of the new blogs and websites I found and will find. I still challenge myself regularly, to search for the Beautiful Souls out there, in our virtual Dreampack… Acknowledgment, so important!

When Souls Connect:

Still collaborating with my dear friend Manuel and also this year new poetry by our souls will be published. We are also working on a large project together, we hope to tell you more about this around June.

Boost Your Soul:

There are so many Beautiful Souls who share their wisdom, lots of online platforms who offer a helping hand and share various ways to Boost Your Soul. Being a counselor myself (and in addition an animal therapist) I developed my personal ideas to Boost Your Soul.
This woman of the Sun, unfortunately, can’t do all she would like to in one day and I had/have to prioritize. Of course, you are always welcome to use my listening ear, however, I no longer will have a special section about this option here at my website.

Articles with my personal thoughts on how to Boost Your Soul I’ll keep writing and publishing.

Mimosa Pudica:

One way to Boost Your Soul is art. Music, writing, painting or other forms to be creatively active is, I believe, embracing your emotions and feelings at soul level. As Mimosa Pudica, I will continue to write thought-provoking articles and articles in the hope it will increase kindness towards your neighbors. I am also going to add a new section:

Over the past years, I learned writing helps me to give me some kind of relief, it relaxes me and mostly, it boosts my own soul. So, from now on you will find, regularly, these scribbles from my soul here at my website.

In addition, I believe your lifestyle can also be a great way to Boost Your Soul. Eating healthy, exercising, the right amount of sleep, some kind of structure, the right mindset by embracing not only your positives, but also your limitations…

Which brings me back to my overall vision:

… Create a Dreampack and thrive.

 Acknowledge all Beautiful Souls out there.

… Reach out and connect with Beautiful Souls.

… Embrace all of you (positive and negative) and Boost Your Soul.



Looking forward to keep connecting with you all and wishing you a fantastic new week ahead.

* Wishing Humanity Lives On all the best on their future endeavors.


Inspire each other...

2 Responses

  1. Happy April! I love your vision Patty, and I celebrate it and you as well. I, too, am welcoming this new season and feel the pull into new directions, new clarifications, new commitments. It’s exciting isn’t it? As always, wishing you all the best.

    1. It truly is exciting indeed, dear Deborah. Thank you and of course, wishing you all the best too! XxX

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