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The thing about healthy food (Create)

To create a Dreampack compatible to your vision, you don’t only need to know where you want to live, define the style of Your Dreampack, or decide if you would like to live alone or with other beautiful souls together, you also have to take good are of yourself. A way to do that is by exercising and if you are into fitness, my dear friend David of ChapeFITNESS provides great tips plus advice and is qualified to help you regardless if you are a beginner or more experienced.

Being active during the day by walking over to your colleague instead of emailing, taking the stairs, work in the garden, focus if you stand straight while cooking are a few examples of how you can easily implement movement into your daily life.

Consuming healthy food is another way of taking good care of yourself. Like for dogs, which I always explained to dog owners, proper nutrition is the way to get healthy and to stay healthy for us human beings too.

Last week, I wrote about a way to unravel your twisted brain-threads and the most important thing you need to do, is be honest with yourself. This is also true when it comes down to healthy food. I believe eating natural foods as much as possible will contribute to your health. That doesn’t imply you can’t eat a pizza, an ice-cream, or a juicy steak every now and then. We even need sugar to stay healthy, as also fats and animal protein.

At the internet you will be able to find numerous diet styles, nutritionists and all kinds of information about what is supposed to be good for you to eat. I researched in the past lots of those, even studied about what nutrition does to your body and fortunately, the experts are recognizing more and more the fact we are all unique. What good is for you, doesn’t have to be good for me and vice versa.

The thing about healthy food is, to me, making the right choices while being honest to yourself.

Food should be a part of the lifestyle of your choice, but it never should give you an unhappy feeling when you do give in once in a while and eat something you know isn’t that healthy. Of course, when a certain nourishment is dangerous to your health, as hard as it is, do NOT eat or drink it. When in good health, don’t be to harsh on yourself.

However, for instance, deny white sugar is unhealthy, while there is even a movie about this, then who are you trying to fool? There are healthier alternatives available and it really isn’t that hard to insert these in your meals and beverages.

Your body gives you a signal when you make a bad or good decision, and it will give you lots of signals whether you eating right for you, as a unique individual. Seek help if your health is in danger, need advice how to improve your eating habits and/or change your lifestyle.

Be gentle to yourself and don’t freak out over a bad food choice now and then, remind yourself the perfect way does not exist, only the way that fits to your uniqueness.

Whatever you chose to do, be honest with yourself 😉

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