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For over four years now, I have lived in Germany near the country of my origin, The Netherlands, and the weather conditions are pretty similar to where I grew up. For weeks now, we have a heatwave. Being 46, I can’t remember it has been this hot for so long. Although these kind of temperatures could easily impact your brain and thus thinking abilities, apparently I remember it correctly; ‘the weather’ is breaking all kinds of records.

Creating a new coaching program takes time, but even more time when your level of concentration and focus is attacked. This woman of the sun never thought I would say this: “Let it RAIN” and I am highly tempted to do some kind of provide-us-rain-dance. However, since we Western-Europeans are not used to this, we are instructed by the national health organisations to use our energy wisely. No dancing 🙁

Is there a place on earth where the temperature is 22 degrees Celsius, average, it rains at night while sleeping, preferably all year? And no mosquitoes?

Somehow it made me think again about how we always seem to have something to complain about, especially about weather conditions. But also of this saying:


My reasoning behind this, you can read HERE (click)

Anyways, my hubby bought an airco for the bedroom, I keep all windows and curtains closed and have a fan turned on where I write. Could someone send some rain please?! Preferably during the night 😉

Inspire each other...

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    1. 🙂 I believe it’s even a few degrees warmer where you’re at, dear Helena. So yes, let’s dance together! XxX

    1. That depends on our belief-system, dear Gary. If I choose to believe my grandfather, I am currently at my 8th or maybe even 9th and last life. All I know for sure, I am not done learning in this life 😉 XxX

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