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Other Beautiful Post ~ by Jonathan Noble

Enjoying our last week of holiday, reading blogs of fellow writers/bloggers again and I noticed the return of Jonathan Noble. So grateful he is back in our virtual Dreampack. A marvelous poet, among other very pleasant qualities 😉 Welcome back, dear Jonathan!

From Asylum to Freedom — noblethemes

Shattered and broken and hearing voices ill-spoken, Seeing shapes misshapen to waken whelming terror In my own dwelling, to chase me to solemn asylum, Where I would abide and hide from a fearful world Into which I’d been hurled, its black flag unfurled, To be found fetal-curled upon slender bed, With nothing more said and […]

via From Asylum to Freedom — noblethemes (click)

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5 Responses

  1. I love the way he wrote! I have several essays written in that style! There are just times that my mind thinks in that rhythm, and I must write out what’s running through it.
    Thanks for that beautiful and haunting piece!
    Be Blessed my dear friend!???

  2. beautiful post — though vacation time passes too quickly! how has your summer been? mine’s been good, but haven’t been able to get away as my older doggie gets very anxious if I’m away for more than several hours. she is a lovely dog

    1. Very very hot! We even had to buy an airco-system to cope. We decide to stay at home and do all those things we normally can’t seem find the time to do. And with tropical weather conditions, why travel 😉
      Our oldest was the same, so can totally resonate with that. Aren’t all dogs lovely? haha Thanks for connecting again, dear Daal. Missed you. XxX

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