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An adventure I gladly would have missed

Adventure. I am up for it. On my bucket-list; jumping out of a plane, learning how to ride a motor, travel around the world visiting blogging-friends and some other plans for the future. Recently, I’ve got certified as a Health & Nutrition Life Coach and I decided it was high time to pick up Tae Bo again and be more active myself.

After the first group lesson, I learned the hard way that walking with our dog, taking care of our big farm-house and the huge garden isn’t sufficient preparation for exercising hard-core again. I couldn’t walk without muscle pain for a week.

A week ago I joined the second class and this time the abdominal muscles were the focus of the lesson. Tuesday morning I was a bit sore in the area of my stomach and abdomen, but as always, for me personally, the second day after exercising heavily, the muscles were killing me.

Turned out to be almost literally. EEKS !

What I thought was muscle pain, was in reality an inflammation of my appendix. My husband figured this out, the moment I started to vomit. A long story short, I ended up in the hospital Wednesday evening, got emergency surgery at night and had to stay until Saturday morning.

Those operations are routine now. In the past you would end up with a big scar across your belly, nowadays you only have three small wounds. Since Saturday,  I am allowed to eat everything again and also to do everything again. Woop Woop! Ok, ok, at an easy tempo, if my belly muscle starts to hurt… rest.

So, slowly picking up where I left off. They say you have to experience everything at least once in a lifetime. This was an adventure I gladly would have missed 😉

As always, I will first read the articles from the Beautiful Souls that I have added to my weekly reading list. Moreover, lying and walking around in a hospital gives you a lot of time to think. Full of new ideas for articles, so …

Till soon!

Inspire each other...

11 Responses

  1. Oh my, Patty! So sorry to hear about such an awful experience … but certainly glad you got the hospital in time. Bravo to your dear husband! And I’m glad you’re back now, and up and running. Take care and be blessed!

  2. my goodness — I too am very glad it wasn’t worse. I had sort of same thing happen some years ago. After dance class one night, I thought perhaps was just that I’d exercised too soon after dinner — I phoned a nurse & she said to just apply heat, which is worst thing one can do. the next morning, I went to doctor & was taken to hospital via ambulance!

    1. I know, right?! I applied anti-pain muscly cream on my stomach….that was the moment I started to vomit and decided to call my husband at work.
      How are you, dear da-AL ? Are you like us, now have one furry dog-friend? Ours still loves the extra attention, she got less while caring for our oldie his last year. The little devil has a new mission; pull plants out of pots…grrrr

  3. I am glad that your husband took quick action! A major operation is no one’s idea of a fun time, yet it will allow you to have much more enjoyment of life, with no more troubles caused by a useless organ.

    1. And still I keep wondering…just because we weren’t able to find out up till now, are we sure it is a useless organ?
      Anyways, thanks for connecting again, dear Gary. That energy you send, helped 🙂

  4. Wow, Patty! That’s quite the scare! Good thing your husband was there and added one and one, and gooood thing they fixed you up quickly!

    Good to have you back 🙂

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