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The Cave ~ A short story to challenge myself

The Cave I wrote, because I wanted to challenge myself. I like to write, but could I create a short story around a word prompt? Following an amazing writer who challenges himself monthly by participating in blog-battles, and after reading this months word cave which immediately brought a story to my head… I decided to not only write the story, but also publish it here. Another challenge to do so 😉

I am not participating in the battle, because I have another purpose in life. I think the content of my story affirms that, but in case you would like to challenge yourself too, and enter the world of amazing writers: this is the link to this months BlogBattle: CLICK

The Cave

Once again, Sam finds himself standing before the cave, tempted to walk in. The darkness is calling to him, ready to embrace him fully, to leave the light behind. The reasons to turn around are decreasing each day, the comforting feelings inside that dark place more enjoyable every time Sam does walk in and explore. Yes, it’s dark, very dark in there. However, a darkness he no longer fears. The feeling of power, of control, it gives him, tempts him every time to close his eyes.

As soon as the young man feels himself float through the opening of the cave, the darkness slowly diminishes. The forest he walks through smells like nature’s scent should be. An owl follows Sam with his eyes full of wisdom, little insects travel alongside him and soon he starts picking up the salty aroma of the ocean on the other side of the woods. Knowing, here inside the cave time is irrelevant, Sam sits down against a big old tree and embraces its strength. Allowing the sensation of pure energy to embrace him. All his senses come to rest.

All at once, a raven sits down in front of him. His dark black eyes locking with the green ones of Sam, bringing back an ancient knowledge; these magnificent creatures don’t represent evil or bad news. Oh no, they are as wise as the owl who followed his thoughts.

Although, time doesn’t matter, he becomes restless and decides to walk further, deeper into the darkness. The raven flies next to him, looking at Sam from time to time. As if he wants to make sure the young man will take the right path. That differs this black creature from the owl, the latter knows Sam will find his own way. As he always does.

Seconds, minutes, maybe even hours later, Sam reaches the middle of the forest and hears a pounding sound. Is it his own heart pounding louder than the heart of the forest itself?

The raven perches himself on a branch of an enormous tree, well-know as the Tree of Life and beneath, Sam notices a small boy. Leaning against the tree, similar to Sam’s previous resting point, embracing its strength. Apparently, it was the boys’ heart Sam heard pounding, leading him to find the skinny kid. He notices that the boy is crying.

“Why are you crying”, Sam whispers to not spook the boy.

Without looking up, tears running down his face, eyes full of despair, he answers:

“You know WHY”.

Sam’s heart starts to pound faster, and he kneels down in front of the kid. “What makes this boy think I know?”, he wonders confused. A crisping sound makes him look up and Sam sees the owl looking down at both. Eyes sparkling, in an anticipating way. The raven starts to sing, which makes Sam almost jump up. “Since when do raven sing like hummingbirds?”

“They have always sung and do still sing, we just forgot to listen to them carefully”, the boy answers Sam’s thought.

This time, his heart skips a beat. Sam feels himself sliding back towards the opening of the cave. Fighting against the trembling of his eyelids wanting to open up, reluctant to leave the small boy behind. The raven starts circling around his head and this time Sam is able to fully grasp the sounds…

“In light there are trees too
Nature’s scent is still pure
Oceans endless, salty, blue
Writing, your personal cure
Use the words to connect
It’s not magic, nor a lie
Help others to reflect
You know WHY”

The owl takes a last look at Sam, before the bird closes his eyes. As Sam’s green ones open, he finds himself standing before the cave again. This time without the restless feelings of wanting to indulge himself in its darkness. With the knowledge the small boy always with him, deep within his soul, he starts to remove himself from the cave.

Strengthened by the realization he can go back every time he needs.


English not my native language, this was quite the challenge 😉

Inspire each other...

10 Responses

  1. I think your English is fine Patty! Quite a story and reads like the cave is the darkness of sleep passing into a dream. I think you’d be fine dipping in and out of the BlogBattle with this sort of writing. It’s not a competition but a way to engage other writers. Really enjoyed this xx

    1. Thank you Gary! 🙂
      I know, but I already struggle keeping up with my own followers, plus the regular connections I’ve made…

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