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Update before summer break, not completely gone !

Update before summer break, not completely gone ! As every year, my husband and I will have three weeks free time together. This year we will not jump in the car and drive to Spain. So far, no big renovation plans either. Nope, this vacation will be all about doing whatever we feel like doing. 

Known plans

Maintaining a website, being a blogger, is an ongoing job and recently, I decide to adjust mine here and there. Which also led to creating a new About page. You can view it here:

In addition, my dear friend Mathias Sager and I have planned to host three courses together and the series of first six webinars starts upcoming week, August 1 2019. Really excited to learn more from Mathias and connect with people all over the globe, to talk about Awareness Intelligence, psychology and related topics. Sounds intriguing? Find all the info here:

Relaxing time

Besides creating a new page for my website (Human Being Human) and the webinars this is what is on our menu: Day trips, binge watching series or films, barbecuing, catching up on reading books and other materials, play a lot with our dog Joy and all the things that put us in relax mode.

Being active online and reading fellow bloggers creations, as always, also on the list. Since doing whatever I feel like doing, means also for me connecting with people on a global scale.

Thus taking a summer break, not completely gone 😉


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    1. Yes, that’s the term 🙂 Well, we have another roadblock thrown at our path and our last week turned out not to be so enjoyable. More about this soon.

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