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Our final holiday weekend, however…

Our final holiday weekend, however… Life decided to throw another roadblock on our path and we had to adjust all our plans for the last holiday week. Of course, when life does that, it is always for a reason. The way to go about such roadblocks, is totally up to us humans.

Second holiday week

As mentioned in the update of our first holiday week, I enrolled in a new course and we made some plans for the other two weeks of free time. 
Our big courtyard needed to be cleaned and my hubby took care of this task. As always, our Joy helps him in her own special way…

Realizing dreams

Since we decided not to go far away this year, we could realize another dream of my husband.

I tell you, it has been a while since I saw such a huge smile on his face 🙂

Other activities

The weather, as promised by the forecasts, was still fantastic and we decided to switch our terras-furniture. The large wooden table and chairs we carried to a different part of the courtyard to be able to enjoy the swing bench. In addition, we could enjoy more homegrown beans…

Preparing for the last two seasons of 2019, I re-arranged the furniture of two bedrooms to create an office space. For the times my husband decides to work at home and I have online meetings and training. Vacuum cleaning dust off the wall, this happened:

The wallpaper came loose, revealing mold. Needless to write, I was NOT amused. Cleaned the wall and we agreed to take further care of this during a rainy weekend upcoming fall.

The third and last week

The plan was to visit a Wolfpark and a large pond, barbecue again and other activities to enjoy our free time together. That’s when life decided to throw us a roadblock on our path. 
While I was away for some ‘me-time’ with beloved ones at the coast in The Netherlands, Jarno stayed at home with our Joy. Both having fun, Joy suddenly collapsed: 

Part one - message I send to family and friends.

Jarno (my husband) took her to the emergency clinic for dogs. 
My husband had to leave her at the clinic under supervision of the night-care. Of course, meanwhile I drove home asap. The longest 2.5 hours ever. A very short night of sleep.
Joy apparently has a heart rhythm disorder, is 4.5 years old. After lots of talk and advice of a cardiologist for dogs, we decided to give her a chance and have the specialist a pacemaker implanted yesterday. The situation was (and still is) very critical. It was either that or put her to sleep for ever. The operation went as planned and this afternoon we had to take her home, because she was too restless and energetic at the clinic, despite a light sedation.

She may not move a lot for four weeks, and has to be supervised 24/7, due to the risk of the implant and lead come loose. This will be the hardest part. If we manage to do that, she will have a normal life for at least 8 more years. (duration of pacemaker).
Both my husband and I have worked in the past at Medtronic (and thus know how pacemakers work), and me being an holistic animal therapist (specialization dogs) we have high hopes, but are realistic at the same time. It’s a big roadblock to take, so fingers crossed.

Part two - unfortunately another scare

Our Joy is fine according to the circumstances. 
However, yesterday late afternoon, we had to drive to the clinic again, because we noticed the pacemaker was not working right. The cardiologist was on his way too, ended up in traffic and we had to wait for 3 hours. 
Outcome: one of the two electronic leads from pacemaker into the heart had come loose. After debate the decision made to remove that lead, re-adjust the programming of the pacemaker, and after that short operational action take her home sedated again. 
Another restless night and morning, Joy seems to have gone through this second ordeal ok. (knock on wood).
She has eaten a bit, had a bit of water, has been outside twice for a minute and is now more at peace again and sleeping comfortably.
Fingers crossed. Again

Fingers crossed

So far, knock on wood, the pacemaker and one lead seems to be holding and working fine. Three more weeks of keeping Joy from jumping and being too active. It isn’t an easy task, but in total four of these weeks in relation to 8 years more happiness…we would do it all over again. Mentally our Joy recovered already and her naughty self again. Normally she is not allowed to sleep on ‘our bed’, the upcoming 3 weeks however, we give her more slack 😉

Less available

These kind of ordeals puts you back with two feet on the ground, reminding you what is really important in life. Joy’s recovery has to come first, of course! 
Therefore, I cancelled all online meetings and training up till mid September, to be able to take care of our Joy. Trying to avoid stressful situations as much as possible for her and having to keep an eye on Joy… online live meetings will distract me too much.
Writing articles, creating posts and updating my knowledge via online courses that is fortunately doable. The times my furry friend is sleeping I will do just that 🙂

As of tomorrow my husband will start working again and be as much as possible doing that at home. Our holiday is officially over. Life goes on. We go on. Mastering our lives, creating our Dreampack. Fingers crossed.

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    1. Thanks Jonathan! For your thoughts and continuous support. Just now, one week since the operation. Three more weeks of intensive care to go. Fingers crossed 😉 Big hug, XxX

  1. Wauw Patty… ofcourse my fingers are crossed for all of you and a specially Joy; sending you all the energy you need xx

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