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Conversation at Distance: Connection

Writing together, doesn’t happen as often as we both would like, due to our busy schedules. We hope you like our latest transformation of one of our conversations into a poem. As always, a pleasure connecting with my dear friend Manuel…


So many different perceptions
About the word, the how, the why
As also the various reflections
Daily made underneath the sky

With an open mind,

Light flows.

With closed eyes,

Every perception becomes ONE

The how, the when and the why…

No longer matter,


Made into visions,

Comprehension expanded…

Daily made underneath the sky.

Explain to me,
my dear friend

Than why all the confusion,
heartbreak and disillusion?
The pain, the tears, even the cry,
choices to disconnect,
Daily made underneath the sky?

Underneath of their own misinterpretation,

Their eyes remain close,

Even though THEIR truth is so close.

Can’t explain the how, the when or the why…

But one thing is for sure,

Their disconnection is a choice;

The pleasure of the senses is what they crave,

The discomfort of choosing or asking

Are riddles they rather leave untouched. 

Underneath the riddles of the mind
Beautiful answers can be find
If only people choose truth
Diving into their root
Exploring the how, when and why
Meaningful connections multiply
Daily made underneath the sky.

Inspire each other...

7 Responses

  1. Wow, beautiful! And even more to read this on a day I chose to disconnect with someone whose world is not mine, and my world is not hers. There may have been misinterpretations on both sides, eyes remained closed… Yes, we both have our own truths. We might have missed some beautiful answers… but the choice is made, and I am (again) at peace now… XX

    1. Thank you, dear Anuscka! Always tough and sad to have to make decisions like that. Glad your truth led you to a choice that gives you peace (again). Big hug, XxX

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