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Other Beautiful Posts – May 2020

While implementing new ideas on my website, archiving older posts, being active in the garden, caring for our furry friends and being busy with all other activities in my personal life, I also still read various websites and blogs from Beautiful Souls in our virtual world. Today, I am sharing three creations of the Beautiful Souls I follow.


As human beings and thus omnivores, I find it important to honor myself as a human being. This results in consuming, as much as possible, nutrients and thus food that is healthy for our species. However, to stay healthy, suitable nutrition is not our only key…  enough sleep, movement, stress management and social connection is equally important. 

Having studied about nutrition myself, I also believe it is important to keep up-to-date to the latest knowledge. Fortunately, The Paleo Mom, aka medical biophysicist and mom Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD. has created a fantastic website with all the latest information on it. Saves me lots of time researching regarding this topic myself 🙂

Visit her website: HERE


Two amazing, compassionate Beautiful Souls I came across in Blogland are Kim Johnson and James Edgar Sky. Recently, they created a new initiative for people who struggle to become or stay mentally healthy. When Souls Connect wonderful collaborations rise and I highly recommend you to read all about it HERE or HERE.  

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Whether you would like to Boost Your Soul, educate Yourself or just enjoy reading about, listening to, or viewing interesting topics… Katherin E Garland always has good stuff to dive into. Like Katherin, and many other Beautiful Souls, I too believe mental health matters. If you’re curious about the topic Escapism, you definitely want to check out this post/video at Katherins’ blog HERE.

Connect to Life, Others, Yourself

It is my new overal theme for my website. In the hope to inspire you to do so, in future I will publish posts about Life Connection, Soul Connection. Also posts related to my personal developed philosophy Human Being Human and personal soul scribbles are still going to be a part of my virtual world. Connect with me personally via the comment section or find more information about the option at my contact page: Connect with me

Enough about me and my future plans. Go visit above mentioned Beautiful Souls and Connect!

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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