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Inspiring Quote by Buddha

Quotes can be inspiring, soul boosting, thought provoking…

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Re-published June 2020

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10 Responses

    1. Thank you for the visit dear Kally. I am not religious, but if I had to choose; I think I would go for Buddhism 😉

  1. You are right, of course, I love it, Patty. It’s interesting people know better that we are what we eat, but thought patterns don’t often come into that equasion. Sending love.xx

    1. Doesn’t surprise me at all 😉
      You do know, people who help others professionally (doctors, therapists, etc) are mostly the worst ‘helpers’ to themselves?

  2. Hm… have to think really hard about this one… long time ago I overcame many periods of depression with mindfulness-practice and this one sentence: ‘You are NOT your thoughts’….

    1. Yes, that is in a way the same as this quote. Thoughts come and go, if we like it or not. Conscious is a part of who we are, out of conscious thoughts arise. Mindfulness can help with deciding if we want to do something with a thought.
      Well, this how I perceive it 😉
      Thanks for connecting again dear Anuscka. Hope all is well with Jaap, Onin and yourself. Big hug, XxX

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