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Perspectives from your neighbors – Week 4

In the hope to inspire you to reflect on your connections, with yourself, with your beloved ones, with our planet, I’m publishing weekly a post regarding the topic Connection. The last post in this series will be on July 01. By that time I hope I’ve strengthened some of my connections and maybe even gained some. I wish that for you too.

Perspectives from your neighbors

When Souls Connect meaningful connections can be built. Modern society is also about virtual connections and I’ve been connecting for your years with neighbors all over our globe. For today’s post, I’ve asked a few of these connections to share their perspective regarding the topic Connection. Enjoy!

Jonathan Noble

When I think of connections with people here and around the world, in person face-to-face or across the Internet, I inevitably think of community and communication, and just how fundamentally important this is to the very heart and soul of humanity. Humans are by nature communal beings, and really are not at the healthiest when community and communication are absent. In other words, we were meant for each other. This is why, especially in the 21st century, it is vital for us to make genuine, positive and beneficial connections with one another.

Claire Rajan

It seems to me that each of us has a different notion of what connection is to us personally and that is the whole beauty in the idea of connection. It has been something I have been thinking about considerably for the last couple of weeks given I took some major steps in this area during the course of this year. As someone who lived a very solitary life I jumped into social media earlier this and had a whirlwind of interesting experiences to totally confuse me about connection. At this time, I am beginning to realize that the best definition of connection for me is in alignment with Equanimity. A sense of equality, clarity, understanding, and empathic compassion for another without losing myself in the process.

Harsh V. Shukla

I remember when I was 12 I used to be a social outcast, didn’t really have that many friends to hang around, didn’t have that much of a social life. That is when I started playing this action video game called Max Payne. The level of storytelling (which was nothing short of a poetry), the enchanting internal monologues by the titular character, the amazing attention to detail in the gameplay GLUED me to that game. Maybe it was my current situation at that time of being a loner or maybe it was just a really captivating form of entertainment, I don’t know what it was exactly, but I got attached to it in a way I could never imagine. I started having dreams about me being in that game strategizing my next move very carefully, I researched about it online as much as I could even though internet wasn’t at its peak during that time. I felt a deep connection and my interest was at its all time high. This piece isn’t supposed to be about that video game, it’s about the interdependence that we humans can develop with someone or something (weirdly enough with a video game for me). The ability to do something like that is a gift god has bestowed upon us. And the best part about it is that it is doesn’t cost you anything except for your time. You may come across quite a few things or people that you may like, that’s normal. But only once or twice you will come across something which will make you realize that being alive is a beautiful thing because you get to feel the 2 most natural emotions of life, love and connection. If you come across such an experience, hold on to it, hold on to it tight!

Quoting from Dead Poet’s Society – “Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”

Sukeshi Pandit Malhotra

Being an introvert by nature it was never easy for me to forge connections while growing up. I took my time opening up or reaching out to people, but when I did make the effort or something clicked it was connection at a deep level & lifelong friendships blossomed from those. I never felt the need to be surrounded by a large number of friends…the quality of my relationships mattered far more than the quantity of them. But there were times when I felt let down because I would put too much stock in the loyalty factor from my connections, which I now in hind-sight with a wiser mind realize to have been unfair ‘expectations’ on my part. 

But over the years as I matured and evolved while maneuvering through life and spiritual growth, I have come to view connections in a very different way. I now recognize that we are all on our own evolutionary path heading towards the same end goal but just taking different routes. And as we pass each other while on our respective journeys we must reach out, acknowledge, appreciate, assist, share with, laugh with, our co passengers on this journey as much and as often as we can. For that is what will make this journey a pleasurable one. Let’s not put conditions on how long a particular co-passenger will keep us company, let’s keep our hearts and minds open to welcome whoever is ready to share an experience with us for whatever duration. And then, let us be ok to say good-by if and when, the time to move on comes. There will be some who will keep us company for a long time, may be even till the very end of the journey, who will be instrumental in making our quest successful, while there will be others who will move on without much impact. Be grateful for whatever you shared with them and let go. What is important is to not walk with blinkers on ignoring the people around for fear of getting hurt. Instead, look up with your eyes and mind open, a smile on your lips and your true self ready to see the divine connection in whoever crosses your path.

Aren't those wonderful perspectives? Share your thoughts... Would love to read yours!
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[Originally published during Nov/Dec 2019], Updated and re-published June 10, 2020

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  1. These are simply wonderful insights, which are very wise and instructive and inspirational! Thank you for sharing so many perspectives from different individuals, Patty!

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