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Boundaries. Probably not the first thing on your mind thinking of connection. Not always easy to set, however, to be able to Connect to Life, to Others and to Yourself meaningful, boundaries are very important. 

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You want to improve your overall health, per example. Boundaries are necessary to reach that goal. Often people think all you need is willpower. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough. Boundaries will create structure, which will make it easier to stick to your plan(s). Start by allowing yourself only to eat junk food once a week. Go to bed on time one day per week. Take a walk outside 10 minutes a day. Increase the amounts the moment you notice the new set boundaries and thus structure became a habit.  Willpower isn’t even necessary this way and you will no longer feel you’re bounding yourself.

Soul Connection

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Although I encourage you to stay connected to others, it is impossible to connect to everyone in our world. Setting boundaries does not mean to disconnect completely. As human beings, we need connections with other living creatures to survive. Last week, I asked you to examine with whom you’re connected and for what purpose. Defining this for yourself, will make it easier to set boundaries in the time spend with those connections.

Core Connection

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Nobody likes to be told what to do. The word boundaries could trigger a negative emotion. Where is that coming from? What happened, or is happening, during your life to bring up such aversion against boundaries? Connect to Yourself again and start creating beneficial boundaries for yourself.

Boundaries lead to meaningful connections.

The right questions and tools, will enable you to find Your answers to Your questions. Providing you those, here on my website, I aim to inspire you to Connect. To Life, to Others, to Yourself.

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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can use their skills to help someone. With that quote in mind, I publish every Wednesday a post with the intention to inspire you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself. Find them all here: CLICK

What’s right for me may not be right for you!

You are and will remain responsible for your own health, your own well-being, your own environment.

When in doubt about your physical and / or mental health, about your life, about specific food choices… A doctor, specialist, dietitian, nutritionist, therapist, or other caregiver may remove your doubts.

Inspire each other...

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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