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Kindness to Self is all about Connection

Believe we are worthy of love might not seem easy and being kind to yourself, might even feel awkward. This article is about various ways to start being kind to yourself. Kindness to Self is all about Connection…

An exercise

Believe we are worthy of love might not seem easy and being kind to yourself, might even feel awkward. The following exercise, is a great way to start being kind to yourself: 

Take note of all of the ways we think we have to earn or prove our love to ourselves. If you have a hard time, you might try to notice the times you find yourself feeling like you’re not good enough. After you’ve taken a couple of days to observe and take notes, I encourage you to come up with your own personal mantra or affirmation. Whenever you find yourself falling into the habit of thinking you aren’t good enough or deserving of self-love, repeat your mantra to yourself. Some of you might want to write it down and put it on your mirror or screen saver.

Loving ourselves and being able to accept love is our birthright.

Another option is to create a self-portrait. It can be a photo, a drawing, a mosaic, or whatever form of artistic expression you’d like. Make sure the self-portrait is of your royal self and reflects your birthright to love and be loved. Keep this someplace you can look at it as often as needed to remind you of your birthright.

Time for yourself

However, you may feel good enough and know you are worthy and therefore think, you don’t need to take (extra) time to be kind to yourself. From a personal and professional perspective, I can tell you it is important, it really is.

Taking time for yourself, does not mean you have to start meditating, joining yoga classes or go to a therapist. (Please keep doing it, if you like/need it!) Being kind to yourself is all about creating time to pay true attention to yourself. Recognizing your positives and limitations, the strengths and weaknesses which make you the unique person you are. Connecting with your Core, in a kind way.

Treating yourself with a 15-minute break, sipping from your favorite beverage and just do nothing, is already a great way to pay attention to yourself. Be honest:

“When was the last time, you really did NOTHING for a few minutes?

Going to the bathroom doesn’t count, because you go there already with a purpose on your mind 😉 The goal is to be kind to yourself, breath and just enjoy your own company for a short amount of time: acknowledge yourself, you are a wonderful unique human being!

Another way to be kind to yourself is taking the time to do something totally different from your normal routine. Fill up the bathtub and relax in the warm water, read a book (maybe in that bathtub), listen to a favorite CD (meanwhile not doing anything else), or any activity you like to do and normally don’t take the time to do: just focus on that what you are doing and how much you enjoy doing it.

Creating a poem with one of my dear friends is for me a way to be kind to myself. At the same time, I fulfill two other personal needs: 1) Forwarding the message that you have a birthright to love yourself, to acknowledge your own uniqueness. 2) Reaching out to a Beautiful Soul (my friend) and thus Connect with another is also a way to be kind to myself.

My dear friend Manuel was so kind to write the following poem together with me:


Do not be indifferent,
There is a limit,
But you need to care,
Not compare,
But care
And don’t forget to share.

Don’t neglect your needs,
But do not forget other’s deeds.
You need your own kindness,
Dissipate your own blindness.

Be kind to yourself, to that Inner Child
You might think it’s too shallow or wild
Be inspired or inspire
Find within the fire
It’s ok to desire
Even to admire

Since, nobody should prevent you
To follow just that, you feel is true
A dream to pursuit
Or your neighbors view
Whatever takes away the blue

Kindness to yourself and to others,
Shouldn’t feel like it’s a bother
Sharing kindness with an open mind
It is a key to peace for humankind


It is never to late to be kind to yourself!

With the above ideas to inspire you to be kind to yourself, I’m going to wish you a wonderful weekend. Full of kindness 😉

This post is based on a Kindness Challenge I participated in myself in 2017.

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