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Visit Other Beautiful Souls – October 2020

Last month, I started my way of thanking followers of my virtual home again. To acknowledge them in return is by creating posts to introduce these Beautiful Souls to my readers. A shout out to encourage you to Visit Other Beautiful Souls.


Acknowledgement is important, even more important than you might think. I wrote an article about that a few years ago (read more). On my website, I encourage you to Connect with Life, Others and Yourself, however, it is impossible to Connect with all and everyone. Hence, the creations of these Visit Other Beautiful Soul posts.

When you decide to follow me @ my main website and have an active virtual home yourself, I will put you on a list to add you to these monthly shout outs. My way of thanking you for the acknowledgement.

Today, I am going to highlight 5 websites/blogs. I kindly ask you to visit the virtual homes of these Beautiful Souls and if you like what you see, acknowledge them by hitting that follow button or leave your email address to subscribe. To show your support even more, Connect with your creative neighbor and leave a comment 😉

Visit Other Beautiful Souls - October 2020

Coaching Skills International

Ann Bale of Coaching Skills International started to follow me this year. A Beautiful Soul who shares amazing tips @ her website on various topics. Per example, how to truly love yourself or practical tips for coping with anxiety.

In addition, in case you aspire to become a coach yourself; you can take courses created by Ann. 

Visit this Beautiful Soul here: CLICK

Strategic Teams

The next Beautiful Souls I would like to introduce are Sean and Linda Fletcher. Their passion is innovation regarding business practices, management and leadership and the sharing of knowledge.

In addition to their consulting options, they also write inspiring and thought provoking posts.

Visit these Beautiful Souls here: CLICK

Grounds For Clarity

All my followers (and readers) are Beautiful Souls in my humble opinion. Kim is definitely one! She aims to guide not only persons who became stuck in Life; also those who are suffering in silence. 

I couldn’t find a logo, hence a picture of Kim herself 😉 

She also writes fantastic posts, thus go and visit her amazing work here: CLICK

Spijkers Coaching

I started to Connect with Samantha via her personal blog Heart to Follow. Her Letters to Life are truly worthwhile to read. Recently, she created another place in our virtual world, on which she offers coaching in a unique way.

Like me, this Beautiful Soul is from The Netherlands. Her writing and coaching is in the Dutch language. So fellow Dutch neighbors, who can use a listening ear and tips and tools…

Visit Samantha here: CLICK


Last but definitely not least, Jeanette’s virtual home is all about her life with PTSD, Bipolar & Bpd. I visit this Beautiful Soul since a few years, although not as much as I would like to. 

A brave young woman, sharing her struggles authentically. In addition, motivating tips and tools. Especially, Beautiful Souls going through similar challenges in Life, worthwhile a visit.

And even if you don’t, acknowledge this Jeanettes’ bravery and visit her here: CLICK

Have fun exploring and enjoy your weekend!

Inspire each other...

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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