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Last week, I became a bit overwhelmed with the current mental sphere around our world. In addition, the behavior I observed around our virtual world added to my emotional mindset. So instead of posting new content, as planned, I reflected upon my own off -and online behavior. A thought arose: Don’t just scroll, Connect!

Soul Connection

Besides Connecting to Life and Yourself, Connection to Others is important for us human beings. While I absolutely support the measurements taken to decrease the pandemic and I didn’t have to make many changes, I think I wouldn’t be human if it didn’t affect me at all. I love to Connect, both off -and online… the first is unfortunately pretty limited over here.

So last week, I had trouble putting all current events in perspective. The downside of caring about the whole world and not just about personal stuff. Still, I made time to visit the virtual homes of some blogging friends and Katherin’s post was about a topic I was pondering about, again, too. 

Social media

I wholeheartedly believe, that we can meaningfully Connect @ our virtual world too. The moment I can’t believe that anymore, I probably will quit blogging. I also believe publishing meaningful content is one of the ways to contribute to our (virtual) world. Having watched The Social Dilemma documentary last year, I question if it is enough to not only inspire YOU to Connect to Life, Others, Yourself, but to do so meaningfully.

Traveling around online platforms, it seems to me that meaningless instead of meaningful Connection is increasing. No longer the focus seems to be on objective, informative knowledge. On beautiful, fun or artistic original creations. Facts are twisted to meet personal opinions. The more likes the better, it seems. Mindless scrolling seems to be the result.

Meaningful Connections

Mindless clicking to follow and on autopilot hitting like-buttons. Reacting to content, without reading or viewing the full article and video. I refuse to participate in such meaningless behavior. As mentioned, I do believe meaningful Connections in our virtual world are possible. Online Connection does not have to be superficial.

Hence my own decision, to no longer publish the posts of my virtual home on social media platforms like Facebook. The like-button I keep, as also the option to subscribe via email. I hope, when you do like my content and/or wish to stay up-to-date, you will make that choice on purpose. Click not mindlessly, on autopilot. 

Online presence

I also decided to decrease my online activity. To read and view only that what truly interests me. To not only click the like-button, when I do like the article, a piece of art or video, but also only leave a comment if I feel I can add something of value. To Connect, meaningful. I rather Connect less, then do it without integrity.

Lastly, I will no longer publish every day. I always put a lot of time brainstorming about the content I want to publish, here @ my virtual home. My creations must make sense to myself and as of last year (2020), my focus is even more on inspiring my online visitors to Connect meaningfully. If my creations are meaningful, that is for you, dear reader, to decide. The amount of posts, however, should not matter.  

With these decisions, I believe I respect that thought of mine… Don’t just scroll, Connect!

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13 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing my post Patty! I agree with everything you’ve written here. It is so important to connect in meaningful ways, whether online or off. I commend you and this decision, which I know personally, isn’t always an easy one.

  2. Thought provoking as always, Patty. I find what takes the most amount of time is tracking down those who liked a post, who then follow you, reading what they have posted, followed by deciding whether to follow them or not. It would seem on a number of recent occasions, I have stumbled onto blogging accounts that have been created solely for their product and nothing else. This is very different to the situation where there is a history of meaningful and interactive posts regarding a blogger and their product. So, I do agree overall it is about the connection, and that is what we need to do. Although I think 2021 will be a challenging year. We have learnt so much from last year to help us great through the future hurdles and thus out us all in a better head space.

    1. When running a business or desire to become a big influencer, I think the approach has to be slightly different. Thanks to the stats of WP, it’s easily to track who followed and liked.
      Since I do understand businesses want to grow, sell their services and products, I always hit the follow button, regardless who click on mine. The url of their website/blog I transfer to Excel and once a week, I decide if I am going to visit the new followers. Is there no about page, or the website is about topics/products I am not interested in, not active, I will not hop over again. And yes, that takes time 😉
      Thanks a ton for adding your thoughts, dear Sean and Linda. XxX

  3. Very well said Patty! I totally get the space you are coming from…the more the content on social media…the lesser real engagement. And the like button has become obligatory as if to say…here my commitment to this connection is fulfilled and now to the next one. There are very few where the engagement is real and on an authentic level. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post.

    1. Ah dear Sukeshi! So kind of you to visit 🙂
      If we want a change, we gotta step up first ourselves, right?! Our conversation helped a lot too, in making these decisions. Sending a big hug! XxX

  4. Ha lieve Patty! In het Nederlands reageer ik. Want ik besef me dat dit een van de redenen is dat ik al zo lang niet meer reageer op wat jij schrijft. Alhoewel mijn Engels behoorlijk fluent is, heb ik er blijkbaar moeite mee ook in die taal te schrijven. Zal wel iets te maken hebben met overvol brein door Deens leren. Je schrijft hier een blog naar mijn hart. Het is blijkbaar de energie van deze tijd: om stil te staan bij dit soort onderwerpen. Deze week heb ik mijn FB account (tijdelijk) gedeactiveerd, met in gedachten inderdaad wat Katherin er ook over schrijft (dank voor die link, ook!). De raakt de kern van wat ook mijn gedachten daarover zijn. Zo zonde van je tijd, dat gescroll op FB. Dus ik heb nu met een paar mensen afgesproken dat we op een andere manier contact blijven houden. Kwaliteit, in plaats van kwantiteit. En in blogland ga ik mijn ‘volg’-lijst ook weer eens doorspitten, en vanaf nu connect ik weer (meer) met jou, gewoon, in het Nederlands dus. Knus! XX

    1. Hallo lieve Anuscka!
      Extra lief dat je dan toch mijn virtueel huis blijft bezoeken 🙂
      En reageren in de taal en op de manier die voor jou goed voelt hoor!
      Dankzij WP heb ik ook je email adres. Als je het leuk vind, kunnen we ook gezellig emailen zo af en toe?
      Dikke knuffel voor jou, Jaap en Odin.

  5. I can understand this, and I like your approach.
    I create what I want, and then as a second possibility, I share online. That way, social media is not a target but a channel to share the work that means so much to me anyway. Sometimes this leads even to meaningful connections, as ours. Not counting likes, etc., just keeping enjoying the process of creating, writing down, and connecting the dots.
    Another good side effect of publishing: I’ve lost some files on my computer, which I could download, reintegrate, and link again from my website and social media (served me like a cloud storage:-)).
    Thanks and have a wonderful day!

    1. Yes, besides meaningful, enjoyment is important too! Hence, the reminder sticker on my laptop “FUN”. 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time to visit and Connect, dear friend. XxX

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