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Visit Other Beautiful Souls – January 2021

Viewing the categories and deciding which ones to keep this year, I noticed not creating a ‘Visit Other Beautiful Souls’ post in December. If there is anything I want to keep doing, here @ my virtual home, is to continue thanking the Beautiful Souls who not only visit me, but also subscribe to my website.


Acknowledgement is important, even more important than you might think. I wrote an article about that a few years ago (read more). On my website, I encourage you to Connect with Life, Others and Yourself, however, it is impossible to Connect with all and everyone. Hence, the creations of these ‘Visit Other Beautiful Soul’ posts.

When you decide to follow me @ my main website too, and have an active virtual home yourself, I will put you on a list to add yours to these monthly shout outs. My way of thanking you for the acknowledgement of my creation.

I kindly ask you, dear reader, to visit the virtual homes of these Beautiful Souls and if you like what you see, acknowledge them by hitting that follow button or subscribing. To show your support even more, Connect with your creative neighbor and leave a comment. Let’s inspire each other to Connect more meaningfully; -)

Visit Other Beautiful Souls - January 2021

Reflections by Grayson House Ministries

On and off, Andrea and I visit each other’s virtual home. A lovely lady with a big heart, like me, also a creative person.

Besides maintaining her website and creating blogposts, Andrea also has a opened a store. Selling original and unique art, one of a kind jewelry ,stationery nature photos , inspirational messages for your war room, home and meditations.

Visit this Beautiful Soul here: CLICK

Bold Blind Beauty

Stephanae McCoy is a truly inspiring Beautiful Soul, hence the reason I’ve created a shout out for her more than once. She started out, like many, as a blogger and soon started to motivate us all to take visual impairment more seriously.

Bold Blind Beauty home of Beyond Sight Magazine empowers, connects, and breaks barriers. Abby, our fabulous fashion icon, leads the way with her brilliant messages designed to change the way we see blindness.

Explore and be inspired here: CLICK

Kind Feelings

On the about page you will find this sentence first: “I greet you with kind feelings and love.” Like me, Jaja Wallace considers himself a citizen of the world. In his own words: a denizen of the universe. Aren’t we all?!

I realized I do not visit this Beautiful Soul often enough myself. 

So join me and hop over to Jaja’s virtual home ASAP here: CLICK

Crow On The Wire

Last but definitely not least, I would like to invite you to visit the website of Mark Tulin. On his website you will find poetry and stories and this Beautiful Soul shares my belief that Crows are wise creatures.

“The crows seem to have a more interesting perspective of humanity than we do, seeing the world from the treetops, the roofs of houses, and the utility lines. They observe our quirky nature, our strengths and weaknesses without judging us.”

Mark is on many social platforms, as also YouTube, in case you prefer to listen to his creations. The collection of his writings you can find here: CLICK

Have fun exploring !

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Inspire each other...

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Although I encourage you to Connect to Life, Others and Yourself, it is impossible to Connect to all and everyone. 
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Hereby, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my virtual home! Connect with me personally via the comment section or visit my contact page.

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