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The things I do offline

Over here, it seems we skipped a proper spring season and head right into tropical summer days. As promised earlier this week, in this post I show you the things I do offline these days…

Various tasks and fun stuff

We live in a large farmhouse, on a large plot, and we can afford this by doing almost everything ourselves…

It has to be done ; -)
We actually never go out for diner...
And preparing meals and baking is one of my hobbies anyway : -)

Honestly, I really dislike household chores. Fortunately, my husband helps out a lot and he doesn’t seem to mind too much, it’s regularly dusty around the house. Clutter, however, is something that’s starting to annoy me more and more, the older I get. Probably, because my brains are always full and very active I need decluttered space around me.

Being a creative, curious person, I crafted my own wabi sabi art. I read about this a little while ago and the idea of accepting imperfections and notice the beauty in it, really appeals to me. Remembering I saved a beautiful death leaf… this is the result. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the photo better.

wabi sabi 2021

Online activities

Although, this post is about the things I do offline, some of them are online. Maintaining this virtual home, Connecting with people on a global scale via comments, emails and online meetings plus studying are activities I do via our virtual world. Due to the pandemic, I even went to a virtual concert and it was fantastic! Supporting one of my favorite bands during these weird times, enjoying myself to the fullest, I would happily do it again.

Here in West Europe, the virus seems to be more under control and we are allowed to do more and more every week. Yesterday, while getting groceries, still with a mask, it was noticeable people are very ready to get close again. Since we are not completely out of the blues yet, it even felt uncomfortable and unsafe. 

I also like to watch videos on YouTube. Simon Sinek, Mel Robins I find inspiring, however, the Green Renaissance channel motivates me even more to at least try to stay compassionate, kind and humble. To be grateful…

Outside activities

Alright, back to the offline things I do. Outside in our courtyard we are tackling a small project. Most of it, my husband does, but I help out here and there too. Hover over the photos to read the short story 🙂

These kinds of projects we do during the weekends and when it is ready, I will share the result ; -)


Of course, we also relax, spend time with our dogs, watch Formula 1, Netflix series, read, listen to music, etc. etc.

wandeling juni 2021
Danja hof 2021
kenzo june 2021 bank
hondebollen hof 2021 juni

The things I do offline

Hopefully were fun to read about. Since it is Sunday late afternoon, I am going to sit down with my feet up and enjoy some grilled food, the blue sky and warm temperatures. Getting ready for a new week of all kinds of activities. Offline and online 😉 

feet up 2021

You know I love to Connect, share with me in the comments (or via email); what is keeping YOU busy these days?

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Inspire each other...

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  1. He is a good Hubby, Patty! I need decluttered space, so I systematically work through those dreaded chores over the course of the day. However, the rest of the family take after their mother and plonk stuff down everywhere. As Linda and two of our children are away involved with the making of a major film at the moment, I am busily sorting everything out. So, the youngest one and I are making progress.

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