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Are you creative?

In our virtual world we have the opportunity to connect globally, how fantastic is that! To the profile pictures, avatars, digital accounts, etc. a variety of human beings are attached. Here on my virtual home, I would love to get to know my visitors a bit better. Hence, the question: Are you creative?


About fifteen years, I am being creative in our virtual world and this resulted in the virtual home you’re now visiting. Designing the vision for my life, I realized I missed being creative in other areas. Decided to go through my craft-materials, watch various YouTube videos (neurograpic art, art journaling) and try some new activities. This is the result so far:

NeuroArt feb 2022
NeuroArt color 2022
ArtJournal 2022

Are you creative?

There are many ways to be creative. Drawing, painting, sculpting, sketching and some many more crafts. What I noticed, while creating above pieces, I have to be aware not to completely lose track of time. Often my dogs, or husband, tell me it’s time to stop, however, setting an alarm will probably be a good idea ; -)

Exploring the creations of others, is truly inspirational. Learning new skills, getting new ideas… just love it. Therefore, I hope you’re willing to share with me: are you a creative person?

Ps: In previous post, I shared the first part of how to design the vision for your life. In case you missed it: CLICK ; -)

Inspire each other...

15 Responses

  1. πŸ’œ EveryOne is “Creative” EveryBody; don’t Ever Let AnyOne Tell YOU!!! OtherWise


  2. Couldn’t leave a comment on your site… hope it works here. I agree with Yernasia: everybody is creative. Wether by making art, or by thinking out of the box. For myself I think my creativity has no boundaries πŸ™‚ I think it’s the one word that describes me best. SO: thank you for this reminder. I am not only an unlimited Child of the Universe, I am an unlimited CREATIVE Child of the Universe ❀️

    1. πŸ’œ I THINK!!! the “Couldn’t leave a comment on your site” thing is subject to the WordPress Following Process EveryOne and is one of The Security Options, like giving “a comment” approval” that WordPress offer; so in order to “leave a comment” I THINK!!! some sort of Following, at the very least, needs to be happening between the parties concerned


      1. Thanks for thinking along, dear Yernasia. At WordPress you’ll have to have a WP account, if you want to subscribe (follow) or click the like button. Leaving a comment is open to everyone. And the issue seems to have resolved itself, fortunately. Sending a hug, XxX

    1. That is a wise idea and for sure beneficial to one’s health in general. Depending what I’m doing, I alter between one and two hour breaks.

  3. On the one hand I am creative. There are periods through my life where this has been so. At school I was not too bad at art. I made model kits for many years. Then I started making my own creations. I play the guitar, so I write songs every now and then. I like being creative with the work I do – with presentations, I try to make them as interesting and different as I can. It’s the same with reports, which can be a real challenge. I find this approach keeps me interested in the project I am involved with too.

    1. Thanks for adding examples of how one can be creative, dear Sean. Visiting your website regularly, I am convinced you are very creative work-related!

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