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Call for action to all coaches, counselors and other skilled helpers

While donating money to support our neighbors in need is a great way, another option is to offer time and a listening ear. You don’t have to be a trauma specialist to help each other…

Call for action

Today, my home country The Netherlands is active all day online, on radio and television, to raise money to support our neighbors in and from Ukraine. I’m going to ask for your support by publishing several posts today.

Our world is in trouble. Mental health issues are increasing on a daily base. People are anxious and afraid regarding many issues, individual and global problems. Now, in addition, Ukraine is under attack, people are fleeing and not only their safety is at stake. Also, our world’s democracy, our freedom. 

Skilled helping is not about picking sides, it’s about being there for a neighbor in need of a listening ear. A safe space to share their worries, their pain, their sadness. 

Hence, this post to ask peers who offer pro bono sessions and other options free of charge, to provide a link in the comments with information how neighbors in need can reach you. Maybe you are a member of an offline or online community people can sign up for free. Anything to help our neighbors in need…

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  1. Wonderful idea, thank you Patty. In this time of darkeness, when the dark side of human nature seems to dominate the news, we need to remember that there is always light in the darkness. We can choose if we want to cower in the darkness, or if we want to stand up in the light.

    I invite anyone who is feeling distressed, anxious, and helpless to join my free 30 minute Compassion Circle this wednesday focused on Connecting to Care in a Time in a time of dispair . These circles are a way of connecting to the flow of compassionate wisdom, strenght and care between us and within us. When we connect to these flows of compassion we find the courage to engage with and tolerate our distress, and the wisdom to understand what wise action we can take to manage and alleviate our distress. These circles follow a structured and timed format, which has been found to promote connection and safeness. These circles use the framework developed by Andy Bradley and incorportate elements of Compassion Focused Therapy and HeartMath.
    All participants are requested to have their camera on, and the room closes 3 minutes after the circle opens. I am holding a circle this Wednesday at 4:30 PM GMT on zoom – here is the link If anyone has any questions they can email me at

  2. We always must read and react on news with two eyes. News nowadays is not complete, and we are not allowed to judge over people Russian ore Ukraine. The common people can’t help what politic decide. The hate to Russian people in the Netherlands now is not realistic. We all must be aware not to create more hate than we already have in the world. We can listen, we can spend money, we can give them a temporally home as long they can’t build up a new life in their home country, but only if we keep calm, have no judgement, and never let us influence by News ourselves. Overreacting often damage more than we were mentioned with our helpoffering.

    1. Absolutely in agreement, dear Joyce. It’s what I stated in previous posts too; both Ukraine as Russian neighbors are not responsible for the politics in their countries.
      Thanks for staying connected, dear Joyce. Hope you and Peter are well ! Big hug, XxX

  3. Hi Patty,
    I’m a member of the Mindfreeks community that Michelle Wiseman mentioned in the thread,
    I would be more than willing to offer my time and services for those in need.
    Please contact me if I can be of help.

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