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The blade will keep on descending

It is the beauty and cruelty of life, the blade will keep on descending. While daily life these days feels surreal, it does go on. Despite all the cruel events around our globe, over here, nature starts to show its beauty…

Stand With Ukraine

Tomorrow two weeks ago, I published a few posts on one day to show my support for the people in Ukraine. Our neighbors enduring horrific terrors, or fleeing their home country. In addition, for our Russian neighbors who are either suffering in their home country, or also need to flee. All this due to one man and his inner circle. 

Like a hawk, I keep a close eye on the news. I mentioned it in a previous post, not only Ukraine is under attack. Our democracy, our free world too. Hence, it feels these days surreal daily life goes on.

In our virtual world, especially at social media, I’ve read a lot of ignorant (sometimes plain stupid) commentary. Even more worrisome; the increase of hatred against strangers. In this particular case, against all Russian people. The term for it is Xenophobia. I think it is high time (overdue even), we all start to address the attack ongoing on my continent as Putin’s war against Ukraine, not the Russian war. 

Other personal thoughts

While our neighbors from Ukraine are seeking shelter, getting harmed, fleeing and/or dying, a large part of our world thrives on. Oh no wait, there are more neighbors living in horrific circumstances, the global pandemic continues, climate change is still a treat to be really concerned about, cartels still exist, as do other power-hunger people for the wrong reasons… Ignorance, racism, senseless violence.
It is not strange depression, anxiety and maybe even fatalism still increases on a daily base. Because on top of this, we all have our individual struggles. I am not an exception.

When I feel overwhelmed or powerless, reading other bloggers and creators publications is helpful. Also, music is on many occasions my ‘savior’. Yesterday, I listened to one of my favorite bands and in one song, the line ‘the blade will keep on descending’ is beautifully sung. 

Whether it is tomorrow, or in 50 years, my time to turn back to dust will come too. With everything happening on our world, online and offline, it is easy to forget that still the majority of us human beings are good, have good intentions. In addition, despite all we do to destroy it, nature is, overall, still beautiful.

Upcoming week, the Sun will shine abundantly here and we will get to see the beauty of nature unfold even more. Being part of nature, I aim to be as strong as the trees, sky and air around me. Tackle the bumps on my personal path with a laugh and a cry, meanwhile continuing to inspire to Connect. 

Ultimately, the best revenge is to keep creating beautiful tiny worlds, on our big ball. Keep striving to be happy and find peace as an individual, be the example. Because besides all the thoughts you and I may have, the emotions we feel, it is in our hands to build a better world for all of us. And maybe one day, hopeful one day soon, all those beautiful tiny worlds Connect…

Inspire each other...

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  1. I try to find the most meaningful reports that I can regarding the Ukraine conflict. Our national broadcaster has managed to have a team of reporters in the Ukraine over the last week and compile a report based on interviews with the Deputy Prime Minister and other key persons in-situ:

    Our Australian Government has commenced issuing 5,000 emergency visas to displaced Ukrainians. The first group has already arrived. We are providing other aid to the Ukraine too.

    Depsite what some of us may think, the world is still a beautiful place, with, as you say Patty, many wonderful people. One day we might figure out how to stop those who have their desires fixated on making others feel miserable. As long as I draw breath, I will continue my own little contribution to what is fair and reasonable.

    Yes, we need our music. Humans as a race, always have. There is a connection there that seems to transcend all else.

    1. Thank you Sean for adding the link. With the severe floods in the East, and the huge impact on Australia, I find it even more heartwarming to know ‘your’ country is helping out Ukrainians.

  2. Indeed: the best revenge is to keep creating beautiful tiny worlds. BE the most powerful, lovable en friendly version of ourselves…

  3. How well your words brought us readers back to God’s plan for us. We certainly cannot stop the wars going on and they will keep going on till Jesus comes. I love that the sun will shine again after a cloudy few days, birds will return after the snow leaves. Looking forward to enjoying spring soon, it will come. Despite all the negative in this world and there is plenty I can chose what I think about. And I chose to think about what is lovey, of good report, kindness, love and few other things that must come from deep inside us. Blessing.

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