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When you feel powerless…[Repost]

Today, May 5, my home country, again, celebrates living in Freedom since the end of World War II. Although we certainly should stay aware how important Freedom is;  this year, to me, it feels weird/wrong this to celebrate via large festive parties. Hence, the reason I repost below article…

Originally published March 7, 2022

At 12.30 hours, today, the people of the Netherlands already raised 29.526.015 Euro to support our neighbors of Ukraine. The campaign-day will go on till 23.00 hours tonight. I’ve been active too all day… 

Stay Connected !

Since the start of the war on the continent I live upon, I have been in shock, disbelief, been frustrated and overall  very sad. Today, I have published several posts to raise awareness for the pain, suffering and sadness of our Ukrainian neighbors. Also, for the Russians who wholeheartedly are against this war too, and for that have to flee their country, or are thrown in jail.

As it is impossible to stay connected to all and everyone, it is also impossible to raise awareness for every unjust, horrific, senseless and/or harming act that is done every second of each day. It is sickening we even have to raise attention for these kind of problems on our globe.

While many of our neighbors are experiencing the worst thinkable ordeals, life also goes on for those in freedom. Reach out for help, if possible. Provide help, if possible. I’m going to conclude this campaign-day, here @ my virtual home, with a re-post. I hope the previous posts and the one below, inspire you to take action. To Connect…

When you feel powerless...

Today I woke up, watched the news-programs on our television, from The Netherlands and Germany and immediately felt sad. Another sad day for humanity. In addition, I felt powerless. Fortunately, there are things I can do…

Help one and another thrive

My heart goes out to our neighbors in Ukraine (and to all my neighbors living in unjustified fear, poverty and other inhumane circumstances) and while I can’t do anything directly, I can for sure do things indirectly. It is one of the main reasons, I keep coming back to my virtual home, maintain it and add new posts, articles and tools.

So, on this day of feeling a bit powerless, I looked at the options I have. While I am tempted to write a thought provoking post and share ‘my piece of mind’ on current events in our world, instead, I decided to update my page Core Connection and share it with you. Because I do have the power, to inspire my neighbors to thrive, the best way I know how.

For your convenience, here is the link: Core Connection

Inspire each other...

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