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Silence before the storm

It is a Dutch expression “Silence before the storm”. In 5.5 weeks we will get the key of our, hopefully, forever home and that feeling of silence before the shit hits the fan, is due to that. Although, not entirely…

That creepy feeling...

Thanks to a schedule we made, we don’t really have to stress right now. Room to room, we sort out our belongings and put in boxes what we want to take with us to our new house. In addition, the chores we need to do, to leave the rented farmhouse behind in good order are schedule in too. From experience I know, the true busy times will start the moment we hold the keys in our hands. In that sense, we are still in the “Silence before the storm” part of this moving back to our home country process.

The real reason for that creepy feeling “Silence before the storm” is due to the ongoing increase of disgruntled neighbors around our world. That is, according to the news items I watch or read. What worries me even more; we seem to think it is ok.

We are glad two countries are going to join the NATO (NAVO) and seem to have forgotten, this organization should not have to exist in the first place. We laugh about jokes, leaders of our so called civilized world make on the expense of another leader. Provoking actions and words are not part of the solution to regain harmony. Hence, my creepy feeling that shit will hit the fan big time in the near future.

Close the door...

Earlier this year, I made the decision to leave the drama of my past behind. Writing down the visions for my life made me realize, some people don’t change, never will. That is ok, it is their prerogative. Ultimately, I can only take responsibility for my own actions, life and thus myself. Be and let be, another cliché so true.

Which brings me to the world we all live upon. I’ve written it many times, here @ my virtual home: blaming and complaining will not bring the solutions we are so desperately seeking. Humor that harms another is not humorous to me. Violence is NOT the answer.

I don’t know how we as a world can heal again. I can only hope, that creepy feeling, the sensing of “Silence before the storm” will turn out to be nothing more than a few weeks of personal relocating stress. As many of you know, I love to connect individually and globally, however, choosing to disconnect is not always a bad thing.

The world is big enough to co-exist without having to connect. On a personal or worldly level, sometimes, it is better to close the door.

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Inspire each other...

4 Responses

  1. Ha lieve Patty! (Ik doe het even makkelijk in het Nederlands). Spannende tijden voor jullie dus! En wat het gevoel over de wereldwijde stress betreft: dat deel ik met je. Maar je eigen ‘storm’ heb je aardig onder controle, zo te lezen 🙂 Ben heel benieuwd naar veel! We houden contact (al is het onregelmatig) Liefs en alvast sterkte voor de komende tijd! XX

  2. You can only heal yourself… another cliché and so true. And, if it is nessecary for that to close te door (for a while… of for ever) than that’s what it is…
    Wish you al the best in the silence before the storm and for the 5,5 weeks to come. I’m sure you all will be more than oke 🙂 xx

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