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Butterfly November 2022

Doomed or not, let’s at least do our best…

Living in our forever home, still boxes unpacked and not everything in place, my attention is these days mainly focused on the garden. Winter is coming and we need to prepare our plot, to make sure the trees, bushes and plants we would like to keep, survive the cold temperatures. Unfortunately, survival is no longer a given to us all. Yet, doomed or not, let’s at least do our best…

The right choice

The Beautiful Souls who have followed me for over a decade know that I’m always curious about the why we humans do what we do. Today, all over the news, again a rocket launch to the moon, and I wonder if that’s a good idea. Should we be spending time and tons of money on another ball in the universe, while the one we live upon is fast approaching irreparable destruction?

As a species we have always been curious, that is a great quality to cherish. It did bring us to where we are today, with all the modern technology we invented. At the same time, using that technology for traveling through the universe outside of our planet, somehow does not feel as the right choice, at this moment in time.

Learning about the current knowledge with regard to the state of the ball we all live upon, you could easily start thinking we are doomed. Why even bother to take care of it and instead focus on other possibly livable options in the sky, right?

My question: Why are we even considering leaving this beautiful world? So we can start destroying another planet too? Build something, meanwhile creating a mess and then mindlessly move forward… Didn’t that way of life lead to the situation we’re in right now?

Challenging times

Denying Earth plus all living creatures upon is in danger, is no longer justifiable in my book. Last week Friday, I made featured photograph of that beautiful butterfly. In case you didn’t realize; it was November 11, 2022. Regardless the cause (for those who don’t believe we humans are), climate all around our globe is changing. In the area I live, it is an abnormality to see butterflies this late in the season.

The butterfly stirred something deep inside me. A new drive wanting to survive. Not only me individually, each and every one of us. At the current speed of changes in nature, we do not only need to adapt. We also need to step up rapidly. I don’t have children of my own to leave the world to. Maybe I will not even live long enough to experience the most challenging living conditions we are facing if we don’t alter our behaviour as a species.

History has shown that nature will recover eventually from the damage we humans make. It is the cycle of life to die and start over. Unfortunately, it is no longer a given we, as a species, will stay a part of this process.

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Tiny steps, big difference

Hence the reason I became a member of the Climate Coaching Alliance, ordered the book created by Greta Thunberg (The Climate Book) and a book about how to build a natural swimming pool. The latter in the hope to turn our current swimming pool into an ecological one, no longer having to use chemicals to keep the water clean.

Tiny steps can make a big difference. Waiting for governments around the world to provide us with the necessary solutions, I just don’t have the time for it anymore. When my time is up, one of my final thoughts has to be about how I made an effort to help save our planet. No worries, I plan to become ninety nine and thrive, while living a fulfilled life. We have lots of ideas for our house and plot and they are based upon sustainable and self-sufficient living.


Although I plan to raise more awareness to the behavioral changes needed, I intend to do this in a non-violent and non-destructive way. My manner of activism is participating in workshops, watching lectures, and such, to educate myself and to exchange knowledge, experiences and thoughts with others on the same quest. Subsequently share what I believe is important, with you Beautiful Souls. Needless to say, also implement gained knowledge in my own life.

At the same time, I will not accept efforts to influence me with non-scientific based information/perspectives. An open mind, being curious, does not mean you have to be open to all and everything*.

At my virtual home, here, I still aim to inspire you to Connect. To life, to Others, to Yourself. Connecting is after all one of our main important activity and goal. Just as evolving and thus growing in knowledge is. Doomed or not, let’s at least do our best. Because before anything else… we need to survive first.

Let’s Connect! How are you contributing to a healthy, safe planet for all of us?

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*Comments denying or disputing climate change will be removed.

Inspire each other...

7 Responses

  1. Dear Patty, nice to ‘see’ you again here! For some reason I cannot comment on your site, but it IS possible here, in the WP Reader. (As you know… 😉 ) we contribute to the wellbeing of our planet by: not consuming (other than what we basicly need like fresh, organic food which we grow in our garden). IF we need something new because it is broken, we first try to buy it secondhand. We use the bare minimum of elektricity (we do a lot of things ‘by hand’). We eat no meat, no dairyproducts, but only plants (but we are not strictly vegan. We eat honey, my favorite clothes are made of wool and my shoes are made of leather). When I pick fruits or herbs or veggies from nature, I respect nature and don’t take all of it. We live in a small house that is big enough for the two of us plus our dog – why have more space than you need? We use our car as little as possible. Well… I could go on like this, but you get the picture 😉 And besides that, husband and I try to be an inspiration for others, by sharing our views, worries and hopes for the future, AND our way of living, within our networks. ‘No one can do everything, but everyone can do something’… XX

    1. Hi dear Anuscka. Thank you for visiting again 🙂 I did a test and I have no problem with commenting?
      Anyways; yes, I do know your choice of lifestyle. Indeed inspirational, at the same time not completely ‘my cup of tea’. 😉
      Sending a hug up North again. XxX

  2. I strongly believe Nature will persevere and win. Always. Because we are part of nature, and we forget it. Balance will be restored, whether we want to or not. Let people find a new planet to destroy, I’m fine with them leaving. I’ll be here, salvaging this one and receiving Mother Nature’s love in return.

  3. A very interesting and thought provoking post, Patty. One of the challenges I have at the moment re the local government I have responsibility for is the environment and the matter of climate change. Then there are the personal considerations or impacts.

    Interestingly enough, we have one of the ESA’s three deep space tracking sites. They can track anything in the solar system. They are also a key part of Artemis and the colonisation of Mars.

    I had a meeting with ESA on site about six weeks ago. The head engineer was out from Germany. An amazing Italian, with a fine sense of humour. They wanted to show me the works in progress for construction of Deep Dish No2. Then it was onto looking at the biomass project site – they have started construction of a tracking system for the recording of all the vegetation on Earth using specific satellites for this purpose. This will be key going forward re climate change and environmental initiatives from a collective (global) viewpoint. My role in all this is to be across the developments and provide the necessary building/construction approvals.

    Artemis is important re developing sustainable living in space, commercial opportunities and I hope a united front based on humanity instead of one based on colonial imperialism.

    On a personal level, we have “containers for change.” This is a program that pays you ten cents for every can, glass or plastic bottle you cash-in, to be recycled, instead of throwing out into general waste in a landfill. After two years, this has prevented 64% of such waste from being buried 😊 Every little thing we do, helps.

    1. Thank you for providing the very interesting information, dear Sean.
      Oh yes, we have the exchange programs here too. Although, only for glass and larger plastic bottles. On the other hand, every week (in my town), they pick up a large garbage bin container, which have two compartments. One for garbage and plastic and the other half for vegetables scraps and garden stuff (leafs and such).
      Yes, every little thing we do helps for sure!
      Thanks for staying connected, dear Sean. XxX

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