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Striving for Optimal Connection together with you! (1/2)

From the moment we started to live in our new house (August 2022), it has become a bigger challenge to create new articles and tools. Therefore, I have been thinking about ways to keep sharing my knowledge and experiences with the Beautiful Souls visiting my virtual home, meanwhile not compromising my own Connections to Life, Others and Myself…

Finding the time

As always, when I’ve not been publishing for a while, life has kept me quite busy. Often due to emotional stuff to deal with, a big project regarding our house or garden, studying new topics, or developing new ideas for my virtual home. At times all of the above.

As you (may) know, besides a blogger I’m also a multi-disciplinary guidance practitioner. For the past couple of years I have been sharing tips and tools plus my own experiences enabling you to create a meaningful life for yourself. While the service industry keeps telling new skilled helpers to create online courses, group sessions and such to gain an income (and I do see the value in that), I’ve always chosen to write posts, provide free tips and tools,  here at my virtual home.

Still able to type fast, maintaining and publishing posts on a regular base however… that is challenging to keep up at the same frequency I used to do so.

Walk the talk

In the past I’ve created the ‘Vision for my Life book’ and browsing through it… Oh my, still lots of goals to complete. Per example, Connection to Spirituality is something I’m exploring lately and haven’t written about a lot. Some Connections I’ve even been neglecting a bit too much.

Being a big believer in walking the talk and taking responsibility for your own life, I know it is important to hold yourself accountable. This website has always been kind of my personal journal. Combining personal projects close to my heart, start completing my own goals and Connecting globally by sharing pieces of it, here on my virtual home. 

Hence, this new category… another way to hold myself accountable AND keep on inspiring you to Connect to Life, Others, Yourself.

Optimal Connection

To strive for Optimal Connection the various areas in life need to be Connected. Life Connections, Soul Connections, Core Connections are elements enabling you to achieve Optimal Connections.

Health, finance, career, relationships, spirituality, etc. Clarity (about your beliefs, visions and purposes about those areas) is required. Followed by setting goals for each and writing down your strategies. And then start implementing these to be able to live meaningfully in your own unique way. Creating Optimal Connections for yourself.

I strongly believe Connection is, besides surviving and evolving, or most important activity and goal in life. In addition; everything in life is Connected. By sharing our knowledge, experiences and valuable resources we can learn so much from each other. Be an inspiration for all the Beautiful Souls visiting my virtual home. Building the meaningful life, world, Connections we all dream of.

Let’s strive for Optimal Connection together !

The next post, I will dive a bit deeper into what Optimal Connection means to me. Until soon, 

Ps: I still intend to keep also publishing posts as Music for the Soul, Universal Human Rights and other topics. Hit the follow button if you are a WordPress user, subscribe via email, or stay up-to-date via Instagram. Looking forward to Connect!

Inspire each other...

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  1. I ‘hear’ and understand you, Patty! Isn’t life that which is happening while you’re busy making (other) plans? 😉 Too many things to do, too many things to long for… but we’re getting there! XX

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