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One area of life I never did thoroughly explore is the spiritual side. Always known I’m an agnostic, meaning not believing in one, or more, god and at the same time not sure there isn’t. What I do believe is that everything is Connected. Let’s explore together what Spirituality is about…

Optimal Connection

Striving for Optimal Connection is about Connecting the dots, individually and collectively. It’s what being human being is about. Everything is Connected. Therefore, it also means:

Everything I do will influence, well, everything.

The basic needs are pretty much the same for every human, the wants are very personal. We are similar and unique, at the same time. Achieving Optimal Connection is about Connecting the various areas in life, based upon needs, wishes and beliefs.

Spiritualism is one part of the various areas in life. Neglecting your spiritual side could, most likely will, affect other areas in your life.

Spirituality - Beliefs

There is nothing woo-woo about spirituality. We all have a body, a mind and a soul. These are Connected and if there is an unbalance in one, it will influence the other two. Taking care of your soul (or spirit) is therefore as important as taking care of your physical and mental health.

Spirituality is, I believe, also about being grounded, real.

Always combining ancient wisdom and modern knowledge, living organisms have a spiritual essence. Not only animals (and thus we too) can sense per example changes to their body, plants can too.

Spirituality can be related to religion or religious beliefs. After studying a lot about the various religions existing up till today, religion is not something I can resonate with. Hence, I won’t dive deeper into that side.

How you nurture your soul is very personal. Since praying and (other) traditional forms of meditation are not my cup of tea, I started to look into alternative ways to care for one’s spirit.

Uniqueness – Vision and Purpose

An option is to get to know yourself on a deeper level. As a master (life) coach, and as an unique individual, that resonated with me a lot. Answering questions to find out what makes you spark, what you believe about the world around you and even what the meaning of life is for you, and other related questions.

Being part of Nature, caring for our earth and all that lives upon it is for me also part of spiritualism. When I take care of my garden, it will flourish. Providing me healthy food and a way to de-stress. In addition, visiting insects thrive, who help other parts of nature thrive. So even my tiny actions, can have a big impact. When I am mindful about my impact on the environment, by for instance separating paper from residual waste, that is living spiritually.

Quote Gardening 2023

Living sustainable, honouring my own soul by being authentic is part of Optimal Connection, because it connects to my health, emotions and every other area of my life. Hence, the purpose why I would like to pay more attention to my spiritual side.

Implementation - Strategy

Spiritualism can be practised in larger groups. Religious or non-religious gatherings are being held as long as we have been around. These days, in our virtual world are also many options to Connect spiritually. Although I love to Connect and thus talk about spiritualism… It is something I prefer to practise individually.

Setting an intention for the day ahead (or week, month, year), sense nature, feel the energy around you, use energy to heal, tending the garden, cooking healthy natural foods, being creative are all methods to help nurture your soul.

Tools could also be relying on; your gut feeling, astrology, human design, herbalism, journaling, mindfulness, shadow work, creating art, walk in nature…

Anything that enables you to take care of your soul and more importantly; makes sense to you.

Above are most of my perspectives regarding spirituality and most of the tools, I use myself. By writing this post, I realized I’m much more spiritual active as I thought initially. Would love to read about what it means to you and how it is part of your life.

Let’s strive for Optimal Connection together!

Feel free to Connect in the comments to hold yourself accountable, ask questions, or to inspire me and Beautiful Souls visiting my virtual home. As always, you can also reach out to me personally.

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