Since I started to write in English (May 2016) I found more beautiful blogs of equally beautiful persons and as Dr. Gulara told me, it’s indeed a very warm feeling to know there’s a whole blogging-world out there with people and their similar views at/of this globe. Some people you even get close to and you become part of each others tribes.

I love to read the stories (Mr. HammadBun Karyudo ,  Atkokosplace) opinions (My Take , Blogger uit Amsterdam  life lessons (Huize Hens,Ends and Beginnings ),  pieces of art (Secret Art Expeditions, When Timber Makes One still , Noblethemes) and so many more blogs which are all -in their unique way- also pieces of art. Of people who I call my neighbors, little creatures like me with their brain-threads, on this globe. Communicating with them through the response fields I love even more.

I will not nominate anyone in particular, because I believe everyone who’s blogging should be nominated for taking the time to share his thoughts, views, opinions, art, etc. Off course I don’t like and don’t follow every post/blog I come across. However,  I’m learning more about myself and who I am, by just reading blogs (and sometimes communicate with you) every day.


Since times has past, I understand more the importance to share the love, respect, among bloggers via nominations/awards. Unfortunately I can’t read and follow all the pieces of art, but I came across the following writers who deserve, in my modest opinion, the same award: emotionsoflife2016, theonlysup,


When the Sun isn’t able to shine through the clouds, it’s not easy for me to be sunny. This reward will remind me, even when the Sun isn’t visible, she’s always there. I believe everyone needs to be reminded of that now and then. So I won’t follow the rules again and would like to pass this award to all my readers.


All members of the Strix became very fast, very important to me.
Beautiful lovely souls, who to me also deserve this award.

Other beautiful souls I would like to pass this award:
K E Garland

liebster award

Originally a German Award and since I’m living in Germany now (2016) it somehow feels extra special. What if even makes it more special; I received this award through not one, but two beautiful souls. As always honored, thank you dear ‘Gansje‘ and dear ‘Isolated Girl‘.

I am a Mimosa Pudica (Kruidje-roer-me-niet), so again, I don’t nominate. I pass on this award to:
huizehens, a beautiful in Dutch thinking and writing soul bubbliciouslymea beautiful soul from Beligium, writing in Flemish (very similar to Dutch)
levishedateda beautiful soul from England, his blog I need to explore myself also 😉


My dear art-sister of The Strix, Kashaf, nominated me for the Black Cat, Blue Sea Award. She created a banner for this Award herself and since I really love it, I’m using that one too 🙂

Another dear soul I met here in ‘blog-land’ and who inspires me so often, Dr. Gulara Vincent, nominated me for the Liebster Award…Wow! That’s the third time I receive this one 🙂
This year I also connected with another beautiful soul, who now also participates at a regular base at The Strix, lives in the same country as me (Germany) and she nominated me again for an Award: This time the One Lovely Blog Award, I just love this award and I received it for the second time! Thank you so, so much dear Sarah.

February 12, 2017 the lovely and inspiring lovely Nilla of Image Earth Travel nominated me for the Liebster Award. The fourth time, I got nominated for this wonderful award and as always, very honored. Since I am so behind adding and thus acknowledging Beautiful Souls here in Blogland: all you fantastic bloggers who recently start following me:  I pass on this Award to you. You know who you are and maybe it is naive, but I trust my dear followers to not cheat 😉
So, if you would like to accept this award, visit the post written by Nilla to find out about the rules: [Read more] As always also very grateful, so thanks dear Nilla.

February 18, 2017 I received the Versatile Blogger Award. Gary of FictionisFood was so kind to nominate me and again, humbled and honored. Although I have to be honest, versatility can be a burden: to many interests, to little hours in a day 😉 At the same time, acknowledgement is important and being awarded for versatility, that makes this woman blush.
Are you interested in the rules regarding this specific award, please visit Gary’s blog: [click].
Interested in seven facts about me? You can find them in this post: [click]

I am going to pass on this award to:

Emily of PoetGirlEm ~ a multi-talented artist. Mathias of HappyColorfulGrowth ~ Versatility just seems to fit him as a glove. David of DavidSnape&Friends ~ recently adding a new versatility to his already remarkable activities.  Remember dear beautiful souls, you don’t have to feel obligated to pass on this award too 😉

November 20, 2017 a (in her own words) lucky girl who has seen a lot and done a lot and never wants to stop nominated me for the Awesome Blogger Award. This Beautiful Soul, Jess of Daring To Jess, totally surprised me with this one and I am, as always, touched and honored.
Since a few months I started to connect with an inspiring lady, Danica of Love over Religion and to me she is not only a Beautiful Soul, but also a brave woman. This award I therefore pass on to her 🙂

The lovely Aishwarya Shah of Eclipsed words nominated me and how could one not accept this wonderful method of acknowledgement bloggers/writers pass on to each other. I am a rebel when it comes to these Awards: not always answering the questions, not always passing on the Awards. Mostly, because I come across so many inspiring and beautiful blogs and website, I think they all deserve to receive Awards.
Since I am still soooo behind creating introductions for the Beautiful Souls I found in the blog sphere, my personal gift to acknowledge our writing and creative neighbors, today I am only going to answer the questions. But let me first express my gratitude to Aishwarya:
Thank you dear! The ping-back-thingy didn’t do his job, so I just found out recently (July 2018), you passed on this gift. Highly appreciated! I hope you like my answers to your questions 🙂 Which can be read HERE (click).

July 25, 2018 the lovely Kat nominated me for this Award. As always grateful. You can read the answers which go along this award HERE (click). A bit rebellious again, if you want to find out if you have been nominated too, read the post I wrote about it 😉

Although I, most of the times, don’t follow the rules towards the Awards,  I’m very touched and honored receiving these! My personal way to acknowledge bloggers/writers you can find HERE (click).

Acknowledging each other, so important.

Thank you! dear bloggers, but also dear readers and/or followers of my little space here at the internet, for keeping me inspired and provide me with beautiful learning material.

Inspire each other ...

9 Responses

  1. Thank you Patty, I’m very touched and honored to receive this award 🙂 I did’nt had time to read much the last few weeks, but hopefully i will catch up soon. Have a great weekend xx

  2. Hey, Mimosa (or should I call you Patty?),
    I’ve accepted your kind presentation of the Liebster Award – thank you so much for that (and thank you to my parents, without whom I would not be here, and my friends and family and my production team (me!) and to everyone who has supported me on this … do you have a tissue, I can feel myself welling up!! This means so much to me – thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    kindness – Robert 🙂

        1. Hope the tears by then were happy tears 😉 However, I think by morning you started to tear up again…I just can see how you dragged yourself to bed, holding an ice-pack on your head, promising yourself again, never to drink champagne again….

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