Oops, discrimination, I actually don’t want to participate

Going through my own older posts in Dutch I came across an article about discrimination. This subject is important to me, I still feel the need to fight against this form of senseless act(s). Thinking of Trump, Wilders, the current growing negative opinions about refugees from Syria, and the still ongoing discrimination between black and with, against Jews, Muslims and – I’m so frustrated and sad at the same time – so much more tremendously abuses, outrages or however you want to address this sickening behavior.
Therefore the translation, about a subject that is still painfully happening all over on earth.


About a decade ago I went to a ‘Love’ festival. By painting a small cloth with something in the spirit of love, one could contribute to a great ‘love-wall “. During the day a big wall was created of all the small canvases people painted and my contribution consisted of a cloth with the following text:

God, Allah, Boedha, black, white, yellow, red,
democratic, republican, rich, poor, long, small, thin, thick

Regardless your beliefs, religion, circumstances, color of skin,
we all need a heart and brain to exist.

You can use these to hate or love,
but we are all human beings in the same piece of universe.

That commonality nobody can deny
and in the end, we all have to die.

So free your mind and make the best of it in your own way,
because you only have one chance.

Love, peace, dance,
soul, rock&roll…break down the wall.


I still stand by these words.  If you ask me where I live, I will reply “on earth”.  I do not feel Indonesian because I happen to have an Indonesian (biological) father. On the other hand, I also feel not white, because I have a Dutch mother. Also, I do not feel like a Limburger, because I happen to live in Limburg (a Province in the Netherlands). We all live together on this globe and we should keep it livable together. I am – like everyone else – a little creature on that globe. Racism is an incomprehensible phenomenon for me.

At the same time, I really would like to show extreme right-minded people the door. Those who seek to blame at Moroccan youth when a bus shelter is destroyed, I would like to whack off the thick brick from their heads. People still thinking that being gay is a disease, I wish I could brainwash their brains. How I would love to throw the so-called soccer fans off the tribune, who for some ludicrous reason choose to fight instead of enjoying the game. The lazy bones lying on the couch sulking because, according to them, the Jews make it financially impossible to maintain a healthy economy, I would like to personally kick them of that couch.
The people who…

Oops, discrimination, I actually don’t want to participate.

N.B. I’m a in Dutch thinking soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect 😉

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3 Responses

    1. How nice you’ve visited my blog! Really appreciate it 🙂
      Isn’t great finding people with similar thoughts and ideas about life via internet? For me it’s every time when I find someone new a kind of reassurance, I’m not weird with my opinions 😉

      1. Absolutely! Finding like-minded people is like finally joining your own tribe, belonging at long last. I’m discovering that I can do this online and my tribe is gathered around the world.

Looking forward to connect !

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