Last Friday I became 44. My 44th year was a perfect example of what life is all about.
Loss, mourn, fight, frustration, illness, joy, dance, friendship, hurt, cry, trust, love, etc.
Stepping into my 45th year, this little creature at this globe is still learning; go with the flow.

During my life various people kept telling me to not take on the burdens of the whole world on my shoulders, since I can’t solve everything at my own.

No, I don’t have all the answers, however I will continue to search, to learn and share the answers I find. Open minded, at the same time loyal to my own values. Accepting (ok, trying to accept 😉 ) your truth doesn’t have to be mine and vice versa.

Realizing more and more how precious (a) life is, a moment is…

This Mimosa Pudica is ready for a new year of loss, mourn, fight, frustration, illness, joy, dance, friendship, hurt, cry, trust, love, etc. Together with my neighbors in this world, my friends, my family, my partners in crime art, my soul-brother, my dearest friends in live Jourdy&Joy and last but absolutely not least my soulmate and love of my life, since without them I would be nothing.

As part of nature, of the world, sharing the same energy and breathing the same air, looking at the same sky, enjoying the same sun… I can contribute to the world, take responsibility, I always will


Acknowledge ;-)

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18 Responses

  1. A belated happy birthday, dearest Patty! Keep searching for the answers, growing and enriching our world with your writing. Sending much love.xx

  2. Great post, Patty! 🙂 I know what you mean with taking on the burden of the world… I think all sensitive/emphatic persons try to do that 😉 It´s hard, most probably impossible 😉 , but every little thing starts with something and we all need to take more care. Care with ourselves, with our environment, everything… Wish you a lovely sunday! xoxo

        1. hahaha….for me too. That’s already two 🙂
          But I’m sure, no I know! there are more similar minded lovely souls in this world 😉

  3. Partners in art…
    I think i know who Patty is talking about here..
    The eldest in our new family..
    And my lovely soul sister!!!!!
    You are bound to have a great yeat ahead, your brother is here to make sure about that!!! Lots of Love- Cezane

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