Traveling miles alone
Exploring the unknown
Cold and dark the lands
Yet alone and strong he stands

Born to be the alpha
At times overcome by nostalgia
Had to leave his pack
Can’t ever turn back

Looking over the canyon
Searching for a companion
Knowing the path will be tough and long
Still has the spark to fight, to be strong

He must conquer his fears
That accumulated throughout the years
While waiting for the sun to rise
The moon reflective in his eyes
The warrior inside roars
Reminds him of his course
His coat is blacker then night
Yet he still holds light
Deep inside his soul

For he has a goal

Howling towards the moon
The wind brings along boon
His howl echoed between the ice mountains
As his thoughts became fountains

The cold winds whispered in his ears:
“Go back, this place will eat you alive
Listen now or face your demise.”

However, that was not natures intent
She would be relent,
if he ignored what was meant
One last howl, one last look towards his past
Realizing his legacy will be vast

So, he did not listen
And higher and higher he climbed, no longer was he going to stay hidden.
Against the ice and snow he continued to fight
He knew in his heart that he would be alright.
Heart and spirit combined

One of a kind



Manuel & Patty

Acknowledge ;-)

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