The Strix ~ New Year’s resolution

A whole new year ahead, for The Strix too, which means we will publish 24 compilations created by our core members. Some of us will be busy with achieving new year’s resolutions: for those occasions, we are grateful we can depend again on our art-friends.

Zigyasa and Kashaf weren’t able to join us this time (we missed you ladies!), fortunately our art-friend Manuel had time to step in. The topic is chosen this time by Alpe John, our core sketcher, who in addition regularly shares beautiful thoughts and stories.

A whole new year ahead for us all: continue the path we are walking on, or choosing a new one…Chasing old dreams, or new ones: whatever you do, make sure you enjoy every second of your life. The saying is true you know: life is short! Did you think last year passed by fast, I tell you, the older you get, the faster time will fly.

January is just halfway through, are you feeling overwhelmed already?


Beautiful pieces of my art-family below

Take it in…

Then continue sailing along life’s flow.

~ Patty W.




resolve to be.
resolve to only
resolve not to
seek perfection.
resolve only
resolve your worries.
resolve not to
hate yourself.
resolve to be
resolve to love
to live this today.
resolve to stay
out of tomorrow.
resolve to
not promise.
resolve to
let go.

And it will

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm


To lose weight
To crate
To stop the hate
To walk straight

This and more goals to be attained
A new year that will not be stained?

To exercise
To stop the cries
To be wise
To break the ties

More and more into the list
Would it become mist?

To spend less
To lower the stress
To learn to say YES
To learn to express

Every single one can be achieved
Would you be deceived?

To stop smoking
To stop provokin
To be more open
To start reading the omen

So many resolutions
Issues? Perhaps, they all have a solution.
Let us see what we can do this year
Let us face it without fear.

~ Manuel O.



Thanks for all the good times 2016.

Hello 2017.

Yet another year has passed, and people all over the world are hopeful that this year would be a good one, if not better. We make plans and set goals, telling ourselves, “this year is the year I start saving”, or “I’m finally gonna start eating healthy”. The list goes on.

But isn’t this an all-too-familiar scene. Haven’t we said the same last year? Or the year before. What happened? What became of those goals when all the determination ran out and the excitement of the new year ran its course.

It’s not at all bad. At least the will to change is there. That’s good. But what’s not good is if the will is weak. If we easily give into temptation, then we just repeat the same cycle all over again.

So this year, I’m making things easier for my sake. My resolution this 2017 is to do more by doing less. Instead of doing it all in one year, I’m picking some realistic ones and pushing the “more ambitious” goals to 2018. Or maybe later this year, after accomplishing the rest.

I invite you to do the same. 🙂 Let’s have an amazing year!

~ AlpeJohn



 Expressions Crossing Continents Expressions Crossing Continents



Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn

Acknowledge ;-)

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