Until we’ll meet again dear friend ~ R.I.P. Jourdy

Letting go is just impossible
Your life, worthy of a chronicle
I just can’t find the right words
To create sentences with verbs
Someday I will share your story

About the struggles and the glory
All I know now my dear friend
Our connection will never end
So, no farewells or goodbyes
Cause when I close my eyes
I see you, and feel you in my heart
For ever there in that special part
That given keeps me sane
Until we will meet again.

Last week we made the tough decision to euthanize our dear friend, to spare him more pain and anxiety. This article in Dutch helped us a lot: , within the wise words “better a week to soon, as an hour to late” and also the 10th commandment of this (we were with him until the last moment):

Acknowledge ;-)

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23 Responses

        1. Very recognizable too…since the loss of our Nikki (dog) is also about 2 years ago. I tell you, that came all back last Friday 🙁

    1. Thanks dear Daal. As doglovers we know this moment is due sometimes, but is hard everytime. Thanks again. XxX

  1. Ach lieve Patty wat verdrietig! Wat een moeilijke beslissing heb je moeten nemen… niet meer in je huis, niet meer aanraakbaar, maar altijd bereikbaar, in je hart… heel veel sterkte, ook voor de andere leden van je roedel XXX

  2. Ach meis. Zo verdrietig. Wat erg. Gewoon in het Nederlands, onze moerstaal. Omdat geen enkele taal voldoende is om uit te drukken hoe verdrietig dit afscheid is. Sterkte lieverd xxx <3

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