Some changes involving my website

While the pain is no longer as intense as it was last Friday, it still is very weird to move forward without one of my best (furry) friends ever. However, a Beautiful Soul reminded me that “Jourdy strived and survived to this age, he left a fighter. Thats some inspiration.” Jourdy surely did inspire me;  because he became a part of my life, I studied to become a holistic animal therapist, I started to write articles (in Dutch) to inspire people to be the best packleader one can be for their dog(s). Then I realized our basic needs, as humans beings, don’t differ that much from animals. To cut a long story short; slowly my website evolved in what it is today.

Because I no longer have to take care of an aging dog (which I would have happily done for many more years, but it is what it is) I will have a bit more free time during the day. Part of that time I will invest extra in our sweet dog Joy, for instance longer walks are possible again, but I am also going to put extra time in writing and thus blogging again.

Some of you may already noticed I hopped over to several blogs and websites I follow myself; can’t read and comment all posts of the last two weeks… As always liked all the ones I did read.
@ All the Beautiful Souls who started to follow me recently, I hope to visit you in the near future.

I am going to update and or change some main pages:

‘Boost Your Soul’ I still have to finish and publish, as also ‘Your Dreampack’.
The page ‘Sowing Season 2017’ I am going to adjust, or maybe even delete. I will post updates about my own vegetable garden with some tips here and there, but also going to share with you the links of beautiful sites I often gain my knowledge from.
Music for the Soul is postponed until the fall, maybe even wintertime, but definitely a topic that will return.
Ah, yes! My Beautiful Souls project…that is going to be among the top of the task-to-do-at-website-list.

I finished the study Existential Well-being Counseling, and still will be here for those in need of a Listening Ear.

I am in the deleting progress of the FB-page for this website. I struggle to find time to read the facebook-pages of other Beautiful Souls and decided to just stop trying to follow-up on that. The focus will completely here at WordPress. Since WP occupies 28% of the Internet I am certain I can reach lots of Beautiful Souls this way.

A lot of other topics on my list to write about and I still need to finish the last two weeks of the Kindness Challenge. My friend Manuel is very busy at an exiting project of his own, maybe we will find time to create another poem together some time soon.

Well, enough on my creating-and-reading plate to keep me occupied and not be overwhelmed by sadness 😉 To hopefully inspire you Beautiful Souls out there, and to be inspired by you all.

Because of Jourdy I started to follow Cesar Milan about 11 years ago. Like Jourdy inspired me and always will, Cesar did too. I will leave you with some of my favorite quotes by him.



Acknowledge ;-)

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21 Responses

  1. Hi Patty; now trying from my main PC. Lovely idea to reset social media and take control back over it rather than it having control of us. Lesson there for me at the moment methinks! Hopefully this will now post x

        1. It did ! Well, I think we can sleep solid again now 🙂 Wonderful Sunday Evening and thanks again Gary, Big Hug, XxX

          1. I will remember to answer from the PC rather than my iPad in future. I think that has issues on some sites for some quirky reason I’ve not yet figured out. Enjoy the rest of the weekend 🙂 xx

          2. It probably has something to do with your ‘safety/firewall’ settings at the I-pad…XxX

          3. I think it just likes being awkward. Most of the settings are open to avoid things like this. Mind you, it wouldn’t even comment on FB the other day. Will look into it mind 🙂 x

          4. Yep, I agree….well, at least, due to some weird reason ‘whatsoever’, it works now 🙂 And that was the goal, yippee again! XxX

          5. It sure is! Normally I would say “men and technique, sigh…” hahaha But since I don’t understand it either…I go with your explanation; the d*mn thing had a bad day. Although it’s creepy to believe those things are alive…hm.

          6. ha-ha, I had a similar discussion about AI with another blogger. What if self aware happens and, because they are hooked up to networks and all knowing then one might presume they know the test questions and answer them negatively on purpose…bit of a digression, but creepy thought as you rightly say!!!!

  2. Happy blogging, Patty. I also believe that sadness can be reduced and transformed by working on something meaningful. For some of my poetry I even needed sadness. Not that it is a nice feeling, but I definitively experience it as a kind of creative energy and therefore source of inspiration. Sadness also means there is connection. Considering that bond, it also involves happy memories and emotions. In any case, I wish you a lot of productivity and all the best! Take care

    1. Thank you dear Mathias. Reading interesting articles at your website (trying to catch up) helps too 😉 However, this kind of sadness (losing one my dear furry friends) will take a bit longer, but true; the happy memories help too. All part of the grieving process 😉 XxX

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